Web Security: Challenges & Threats for Enterprises in Malaysia


web security challenges and threats for enterprises

Web security can be identified as one of the concepts where the networks and computer systems are protected from any kind of threats related to software, data, and other aspects.

Security threat management systems help in enhanced protection of the particular website with advanced features.

According to a recent survey, 84% of SMEs in Malaysia have been compromised by cyber threats. Also, 0.76% of local SME’s have suffered more than one attack

Website security has become an integral part of the business functioning with the latest developments.

Security threats existing in society can be controlled through protective web security features based on the nature and functioning of the business.

Cybercrimes Malaysia’s mention of other such attacks and challenges faced by different enterprises focuses on the need for web security mechanisms.

As security threats continue to increase, the latest developments and other novel features need to be incorporated, focusing on the regulation of these particular aspects.

Website security can be interchangeably used with cybersecurity, where different security-based services are provided effectively.

Exabytes have high-performance security and backup features where anti-malware, anti-virus, and anti-ransomware protection are provided with enhanced cyber protection.

We focus on protecting your data from any kind of cyber threat with single solutions provided based on vulnerability assessment.

What is the Benefits of Web Security

Website security has a huge impact on the overall functioning of the business functioning where cyber protection is provided through regulation of security threats.

The important benefits of web security are the following:

1. Protection of business

Web security systems help prevent loss of sensitive data and thereby protect the overall functioning of the business.

2. Protect customers and employees

Private information provided by customers is protected using advanced website security features for preventing or reducing the impact of security threats.

3. Avoid costly service interruptions.

As the recovery process is expensive, better web security features can be used to prevent any kind of virus and exploitations in any manner.

4. Enhanced user experience

High-performance security and backup services provided to customers help in increased protection from any security threats providing a next-level user experience.

5. Maintenance of customer loyalty and trust

Providing website security to customers helps in the maintenance of customer loyalty and trust, which helps in a long-term commitment to the particular business.

5 Common Website Security Threats

The challenges and threats against web security have increased to a great extent with the developments in the technology sector, which have been significantly misused.

Security attacks have become serious threats which can be controlled using effective web security techniques.

The main challenges or threats against website security are the following:

1. SQL Injection

SQL Injection is one of the severe security attacks faced by businesses that exploit the vulnerabilities in the search process of the database.

2. Cross-site Scripting

Access to critical and sensitive data can be gained through cross-site scripting security attack tools where hackers can disclose any vital information.

3. Remote File Inclusion

This type of inclusion is one of the threats concerning the upload of malware where the referencing function is considered by the attacker, challenging web security.

4. Password Breach

Breaching the password of the user is a standard security threat used by attackers or hackers to get access to web resources and affect web security functions.

Passwords have to be used carefully as hacking passwords is one of the easiest methods used for getting access to sensitive information.

5. Data Breach

A data breach is one of the security threats which can get severe based on the existing conditions resulting in loss of valuable data and information.

When any kind of sensitive information is exposed for selling or using users’ data, the overall functioning gets hindered and violates the privacy rights of users.

7 Best Defense Strategies for Web Security

Website security is an essential concern of various businesses and developers where different defense strategies are used for the enhanced functioning of the website.

Exabytes provides quality defense strategies and services to safeguard your business with ransomware protection.

The best defense strategies for web security are the following:

Limiting the user access

One of the effective strategies or methods to enhance web security is limiting user access where unnecessary permission is not granted in any manner.

Such a method will help in preventing the intervention of any attackers or hackers.

Alterations in CMS settings 

When discussing the idea of security best practices, it is crucial to set up the website for any type of security threats or attacks that might occur at any time.

A more substantial level of web security will result from changes to the CMS settings, providing you with more control and visibility.

Selection of apt extensions

Apt extensions can be incorporated to utilize the latest features and provide web security using modern techniques and tools.

Each application and stretching have a unique and distinct function making the website more secure from security threats.

Website backups whenever required

Website backups will help in enhanced protection of required data and information where better web security can be provided, hindering any security threats.

Such backups can reduce the impact of unexpected data loss resulting in advanced website security.

Web scanning and monitoring

Scanning and monitoring solutions will improve website protection when service evaluation is necessary to improve current conditions.

Depending on the nature of the business, web security tools are employed to improve functionality.

Keep a strong password.

A strong password that others cannot easily understand should be kept to increase the web security giving double protection to documents and information.

Cybercrime Malaysia’s results talk about the security threats concerning the hacking of passwords, which can open a way for the loss of sensitive data.

Maintenance of a single server

Using a single server helps enhance web security and hinders any kind of security threats resulting in improved system functioning.

Such a single server can be utilized rather than having multiple servers for a single website.

Businesses give web security enhanced importance as security attacks hinder the company’s overall functioning.

Exabytes puts forward different plans and strategies based on the nature of business through enhanced website security features.

The security attacks and threats enterprises face can be regulated only through high-performance web security systems providing quality services and solutions.

Contact us to know how we could help you.

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