Exabytes Designer Club’s (EDC) Third Gathering – Another Milestone Achieved!


Date: 09 September 2014

Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Venue: Exabytes Suntech Office, Penang

Exabytes Designer Club’s (EDC) Third Gathering! It was another great sharing session held at Exabytes Suntech Office in Penang on the 9 September 2014! Registration started at 6pm at Exabytes’ lobby when preparation was all ready. We at Exabytes were anxiously waiting for our attendees to arrive.

Exabytes Designer Club banner

EDC badges

EDC page at projector screen

Yummylicious Subway sandwiches were served during registration as dinner.

Subway plattersFirst and foremost, Mr Ng Wei Kheng, the first speaker of the gathering came upon us and dished out some really useful and practical techniques on how to sell online successfully.

Penang Suntech Office lobby EDC gathering

Exabytes Designer Club gathering at Penang Suntech office lobby

Our next Speaker of the day – Mr Johnathan and Mr Mark Javed then took over to share with the enthusiastic audience some useful WordPress Internet Marketing Tips.

Soon many participants and our speakers were seen happily gathered together. Sharing session ended at around 8.30pm.

EDC gathering at Penang Suntech

EDC gathering at Penang Suntech

EDC gathering So that was it?

No way!

Here came the most exciting moment for our gizmo fans! It was the much awaited time to try on the latest gadgets bought right from the US, namely Oculus Rift and Google Glass!

After a brief explanation on how Oculus Rift and Google Glass work, everyone was extremely excited and couldn’t wait any longer to start the ultimate experience.

Google glass presentation

And Yes!!! Oculus Rift and Google Glass were ready for test drive!!!

oculus rift

Google glass

After the unforgettable experience, we moved on to prize giving and Lucky Draw, and finally, EDC’s 3rd gathering was successfully wrapped up at around 9.00pm.

But….here is another GOOD NEWS for designers! The next destination of EDC gathering is Johor! If you are a web designer, or simply love design, don’t wait!

Sign up to become an EDC member now! More rewarding gatherings and events are on their way! Sign up NOW (Absolutely FREE!) at: http://exabytes.my/edc

EDC Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ExabytesDesignerClub/

Till then, cheers 🙂

We Learn, We Play, We Share!!

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