A Memorable Visit to Aquaria KLCC with the Indigenous Kids from Sg. Lallang, Semenyih


Time passes like lightning and we are now in the month of September. Looking back, there was a very meaningful trip in August in which Exabees and the adorable indigenous kids (orang asli) from the rural village of Semenyih visited KLCC Aquaria, a state-of-the-art oceanarium showcasing over 5000 different exhibits of aquatic and land-bound creatures.

Thanks to CEO Chan for fully sponsoring the fun-filled day trip, and the Church of Holy Family, Kajang for organizing this event, so that the children and Exabees had the chance to get to know each other while interacting with the marine life / live reptiles and discover these amazing creatures.

Headed by Lynn, one of the volunteers from the church, 8 of us together with 37 very eager children gathered at the entrance of Aquaria KLCC at 11am before checking in for an exciting trip.

The whole experience was an eye opener for the kids, as it was the first time for quite a number of them to set foot in KL, let alone a huge indoor oceanarium.

Besides watching the beautiful marine creatures with their own eyes, in the aquaria, visitors were allowed to extend their hands into the pond and have physical contact with them.

We were thrilled to see how excited and happy the kids were when touching the living fish with their own hands.

Next, we were on to see various underwater species swimming around in giant fish tanks; some of them had the size bigger than an adult human.

In addition, the charming children were also shown by the aquaria’s personnel how sea creatures such as turtles and some giant fish were fed and they were truly intrigued by that.

Towards the end of the trip, we watched “a giant TV” which showed the picture of life under the sea, only this time it was not an image projected by a TV.

Seats were also made available to those who wish to sit down and observe the creatures for a longer time.

And certainly, we wouldn’t want the children to go back with an empty stomach. Still sitting and watching the “ocean giant TV”, the kids were treated to the delicious McDonald’s meals.

Once again, a thousand thanks to CEO Chan and members of the Church of Holy Family, Kajang for making this trip a very cherished and memorable experience.

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