Achieving Partnerships of Different Industries


Achieving Partnerships of Different Industries

Achieving partnerships of different industries is our goal to further enhance offers for our clients. Being able to bring out the best solutions and packages to grow businesses online is a mission Exabytes works diligently towards.

Venturing into partnerships

An avenue we may not have ventured into before in forging a partnership, Exabytes is now partnering AIA to bring you more to grow your business digitally! Has your business expanded over the years? Securing insurance coverage for your employees as your business grows towards greater heights? We, at Exabytes, have some tips of convenience for you to further grow your business on the journey to success!

Partnering AIA

In our partnership with AIA, both parties have carefully understood, digested and curated the best offers and solutions for our clients respectively. We want to make sure that our clients get the best solutions to digitalise and grow their businesses online, and at the same time, be able to take care of their company employee’s welfare efficiently, conveniently and affordably.

Taking your business online

Through this partnership, Exabytes took into account the necessary measures for businesses to be able to take that step forward in wanting to take their business online. “Digitalise your business lah!” as many may say, sounding like an easy step where we can make it happen at a snap of our fingers. Well, they are not completely wrong in assuming this, but too, the process is not exactly as simple as that. Having said that, there are many ways digitalising your business can happen easily, efficiently and some even feel, magically!

What is Exabytes’ role in this partnership?

Now, here comes the time when the team at Exabytes comes in very useful. Exabytes is known as Southeast Asia’s leading All-in-one Business Cloud, Digital and eCommerce solutions provider and this title was definitely not simply plonked on. As the title suggests, Exabytes is equipped with a team of experts who are ever ready at your convenience to support and assist you in taking your business online and growing it to greater heights. It all starts off with a dream, and from your dream, we will lead you on to create, materialise and witness the success of your business.

As such, through this partnership with AIA, Exabytes is offering discounted prices exclusively to AIA’s business policyholders on the majority of our products. These offers are sure to enable businesses to kickstart their online presence, and for those who are already online, grow your business to greater heights online.

Starting from owning a domain name to hosting your website, building your website or online store, to enhancing your brand awareness and visibility and so on, as long as it is to grow your business online, Exabytes is here to grow with you! Exclusively for AIA business policyholders only, get in contact with us to start growing your business digitally at up to 20% off.

Benefits for Exabytes’ clients

Above all these, Exabytes clients can enjoy 15% off AIA’s A-SME Flex/i and get RM100 Touch ‘n Go e-voucher. Being Asia’s leading insurer, AIA is all about covering you should there be a need, and at AIA, they are always here to protect you.

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