The Best Landing Page Website Design (with Examples)


Landing Page Website Design

A well-designed, sophisticated landing page can easily boost traffic and conversions. (And a sloppy one can be harmful.) Isn’t it straightforward?

You’ve most likely experienced something similar. But what exactly do “clean” and “professional” implies on a landing page?

And, what is the X-factor that distinguishes excellent marketers in terms of sales and better website design?

With these thoughts in mind, we’d like to provide some new landing page templates to help you with your next project. Save their most clever, sleek, and snappy pieces for your swipe file.

Exabytes provides the best landing page and website design option services and eCommerce website design services.

You can choose from the wide range of services available at Exabytes and make an informed decision to ensure that your landing page stands out from the competition.

Why is It Important to Have a Stunning Landing Page Design?

Your landing page is the first impression your potential customer gets to experience. If the landing page does not please your consumer, he/she is less likely to explore your website further and eventually help you with a sale.

Your landing page design is also an important parameter to drive more traffic to your website. It can also enhance your SEO rankings.

Did you know that 68% of B2B businesses today use a landing page for better sales conversion?

These businesses use a landing page for multiple reasons and re-direct the generated traffic to pages of sales conversion.

What Factors Influence the Effectiveness of a Landing Page?

It is important to understand that your homepage and landing page should be used in a variety of ways.

You can use your landing page to re-direct your consumers to the homepage. However, there are key differences between the two that you must take into consideration.

There is no denying that since your landing page is more focused on providing the customers with something specific, they are more likely to convert into sales.

Before we get into the examples, let’s go over some of the characteristics that most outstanding landing pages have in common.

Here are a few basic principles of high-converting landing pages:

  • Use a clear and simple value statement so visitors instantly grasp the objective of your website design.
  • Match your major headline to the ad that brought your visitor to the webpage right at the top of your landing page.
  • To back up your assertions, use social evidence and testimonies. Consumers are more likely to trust other consumers instead of brands.
  • Concentrate the entire page on a singular offer with only one key call to action on your landing page.
  • To help your Call-to-action stand out, use a conversion-focused layout on your website design.
  • A/B testing is a great way to put fresh ideas to the test. What succeeds sometimes surprises you.

Examples of the Best Landing Pages

The best landing pages have an attractive design, enticing copy and a clear call-to-action. They also have a strong message that is easy to understand and comprehend.

Some of the best landing pages are:

1. Shopify

Shopify landing page

Shopify’s demo landing page for sellers is straightforward, like several of the other landing pages in this post.

It’s not very text-heavy, yet it still persuades people by highlighting a few essential facts regarding its excellent offering.

Visitors leave, understanding that Shopify is an all-in-one solution that is simple to use and widely trusted.

Why This Landing Page Is Effective:

  • The user-friendly title, for example, is only a few lines long, and the page focuses on basic images and short paragraphs to describe the trial’s facts and advantages.
  • Minimal Call-to-action: There are a few fields to fill out before you begin. Everything about this makes it easy to start selling online with their tool rapidly.

2. Calm

Calm landing page

Most of us might benefit from more peace and quiet in our lives, and Calm tries to provide just that through its website design.

It’s a sleep and meditation software with features to bring some calm into our otherwise hectic life. 

This page is the first thing users see when they access the app’s website—it immediately urges them to get involved and connect more deeply with Calm.

Why it motivates:

  • Calm promotes what they teach through the website design of its landing page.
  • The copy is clear and concise to avoid overloading viewers with too much content.
  • Calm’s fundamental mission is stated unequivocally throughout its landing page.
  • The landing page goes right to the point by urging the viewer to join thousands of individuals on their quest to wellness all across the world.
  • Serenity’s landing page uses soothing tones and pictures to create an atmosphere of calm.

3. Muzzle

On its usually minimalist landing page, Muzzle, a Mac program that silences on-screen alerts, completely adopts the show, don’t tell mentality.

Landing pages assist users in determining whether a service or your product is worth their time and effort.

What better approach to express your business model than presenting visitors plainly and simply with the problem your software solves?

Why This Landing Page Is Effective:

  • Not only is the animation funny, but it also effectively conveys the app’s use without relying on long explanations.
  • Coordinated Visual Experience: Even the typography on the page is a subdued gray hue, reflecting the product’s function.

4. Netflix

Netflix landing page

When was the first time you heard of Netflix? With limitless movies and TV series for less than $10 per month, the streaming platform appeared maybe too good to be true.

What a fantastic value offer… It’s no surprise they drove the competitors out of business. 

This landing page emphasizes the most significant benefits without making signing up appear too confusing or tough.

And clearly, this technique is working: according to the latest figures, Netflix now has over 192 million customers globally.

Why it motivates:

  • A large, frightening form on this page might easily scare away visitors who need to be tech-savvy. 
  • Brief content: Whereas many Netflix episodes take a long time to watch, you can navigate through this landing page in seconds.



Creating landing pages may help you develop your client base and increase conversions. With a website design that excites clients with a user interface that keeps them coming back for more.

Get in touch with Exabytes today to explore multiple services around landing page design.

With the right landing page and website design that is specifically curated through Exabytes services, you are sure to convert more visitors and gain more traction.

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