The Best Practices to Protect Your Company Against Cyber Attacks


Best practice to protect your company against cyber attacks

According to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, cyber attacks occurred on over 32% of UK enterprises in 2019, and the NCSC has reportedly blocked over 600 cyber attacks against UK businesses.

In 2021, there were 4,145 publicly announced cyber security threats that exposed more than 22 billion records, which is around 5% less than in 2020, according to the 2021 Year End Report: Data Breach.

Cyber security threats have been an increasingly severe worldwide issue in recent years, with Southeast Asia reporting record numbers of cyber attack incidents as well. 

The number of reported cyber attack incidents have skyrocketed in Malaysia, and the most often targeted victims are banks and their clients.

Despite this cyber security threat pattern, Malaysian banks have taken a long time to implement enough security measures to shield their clients from internet dangers.

Maybank - SMS cyber attack
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Maybank has alerted its clients about a new SMSSpy cyber attack campaign that specifically targets Android users in Malaysia.

Any SMS received to a mobile device may be seen by the SMSSpy spyware, including those that are used to access TAC numbers for online banking transactions.

Here are a few best practices against cyber attacks:

1. Avoid and defend against cyber attacks

Online ads for the sale of 2.7 billion identity details, including 774 million exclusive email addresses and 21 million exclusive passwords, were published on the dark web.

Use cyber security measures that are equipped to anticipate cyber attacks and recognize warning indications of impending disaster.

A Cyber security threat is categorized as whitelist or blacklist using both recognized patterns and learnt ones. Authorized acts won’t be incorrectly labeled as illegal.

The unbreakable self-defense system of Acronis Cyber Protection & Acronis Notary prevents cyber attackers from interfering with the Acronis software, the content of backup files, or even the Master Boot Record of Windows-based PCs.

2. Data backup and encryption

Encrypting and backing up data is more common than ever thanks to cyber attacks like Teslacrypt, which targeted our favorite video games, and the legendary WannaCry virus, which shut down the NHS for several days and affected over 200,000 machines in over 150 countries.

Acronis Cyber Backup allows you to restore data from any environment, allowing your infrastructure to expand, adapt, and innovate without going over budget or requiring expensive infrastructure changes.

It not only finds cyber security issues, but also stops and prevents cyber attacks from happening.

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3. Informing personnel about cyber security threat

Begin with your personnel. Give frequent, up-to-date instruction on cyber security issues. Refine your technology.

Find a specialist like Exabytes who focuses on, guards against, and stops data breaches.

“Learn with Acronis” is a program for executives to be trained to recognize the most recent phishing attacks, particularly those that are specifically designed to target an organization’s leadership.

Thanks to Acronis Security Awareness Training, companies can makes sure that staff members and IT professionals are aware and have the skills to recognize cyber security threat and practice all guidelines.

4. Create a culture at work that prioritizes security

A cyber security solution may keep attackers from entering the building, but a cybersecurity culture empowers the whole company to stop attackers before they even consider cyber attacking the company.

Create a strong data usage policy that is easy for everyone to understand when insider cyber security issues become a big issue.

With the help of Acronis Education Services, the staff will be better prepared to handle cyber attacks and serve the clients, enable data protection, migration, and disaster recovery services, run and integrate the solution with ease.

5. Regularly conduct audits

It is important to take steps to routinely check and analyze the cyber security issues  that one has in place, even if one cannot completely eliminate the danger of cyber security threats.

This guarantees that the system you have in place functions, finds any vulnerabilities, and strengthens your ironclad defense without any cyber security issues endangering the company.

Reduce maintenance expenses and take comfort in knowing that the customers’ data is safeguarded using industry and Acronis – recommended cyber attack best practices.

The Acronis Audit service aids in auditing the deployment to find any potential cyber security issues, make adjustments that will reduce maintenance requirements and the cyber attack danger to the company’s operations, and so on.

6. Secure sensitive data first

secure sensitive data

Since 2018, the cost of business cyber attack detection has escalated by 500%, costing more than £6000 per hour and more than £75 billion annually.

Even if the website has strong security measures in place, a ransomware cyber attack might still cause havoc.

One must ensure they encrypt all sensitive data, including all customer, employee, and business information.

If one is concerned about cyber security threats and the effects of the personal and business data becoming corrupted or altered, Acronis Notary is the solution that may help from cyber attack.

Acronis utilizes Blockchain technology to demonstrate that a file has not been changed since it was last backed up by adding a cryptographic “fingerprint” hash to each file.

Acronis Notary complements Acronis Cyber Backup by providing you with total, uncompromised cyber security while coexisting in a fluid-data threat scenario.

7. Use technology to combat technology

48% of senior executives said their budgets for AI in cyber security will increase by an average of 29% in Fiscal Year (FY) 2020, according to Capgemini’s most recent report on reinventing cyber security with AI, and 64% said that AI lowers the cost of detecting cyber security threats and responding to breaches and reduces overall detection time for threats and cyber attacks by up to 12%.

Acronis Cyber Backup is the active, AI-based anti-ransomware cyber attack solution available in the market, defeating bots with better bots.

It focuses on five layers of integration, including safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security, protecting all data for every environment, deployment, workload, and storage, with any recovery mechanism.

It is crucial to take cyber security issues seriously, inform staff members about online hazards, and adhere to all security measures advised by professionals.

At just RM15.99 per license for a month, Acronis Cyber Protect is a cost efficient and effective cyber security tool to thwart cyber attack attempts

Contact Exabytes Malaysia for more details and to place orders for cyber attack protection.

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