6 Copywriting Tips for Beginners: How To Make Your Copywriting Profitable


6 Powerful Tips For Creating The Copywriting That Converts

If you want to make money in affiliate marketing, copywriting is an essential skill you must develop.

Imagine a random guy is surfing on Facebook and sees your ad.

Your ad copy should be compelling enough to make him take out his credit card, buy your product, fill out some personal information, or stay longer on your content.

These are some big steps you want someone to take. One of the best ways to persuade them on the internet is to use excellent copywriting.

Copywriting is the use of words to persuade people to take the action that you want them to.

Think about your affiliate marketing funnel.

If you want them to click “Read more” or “Play” your video, you need to design a great headline.

If you want them to take certain action on the offer, you need persuasive copywriting on your landing page.

Becoming a good copywriter means that you will have better ads, landing pages, and an advantage over the competition.

Crafting a great copy may take up most of your time (or even days). However, if your copywriting is attractive enough, you would save a lot more on advertisement costs (you can get cheaper clicks and high conversions).

All these give you the advantage of a higher profit margin.

6 Useful Tips To Make Your Copywriting Profitable

Copywriting is both art and science.

The science is that almost all profitable copywriting contains certain components and strategies.

While the art is that there is no guideline to create a copywriting for the exact offer of the market and industry you are promoting. You have to use your skills and adjust them from time to time.

This post will show you how to create persuasive copywriting (and why some of these tips work).

1. Features vs. Benefits

Like it or not, you need to face the reality that nobody cares about the product features, except for the hardcore enthusiasts who would want to know every detail about the product before purchasing.

However, in affiliate marketing, most affiliate marketers often target a broad audience instead of hardcore enthusiasts.

And, the only thing people would care about is:

“What’s in this for me?”
“What benefits do I get?”

Here’s an example of using lead generation for banks:

Benefit: Get a S$10,000 car loan paid into your bank TODAY
Feature: Loan money with interest rates from 1.68% p.a. over seven years and S$200 administration fee

Can you see that the feature is too detail-heavy?

The product features might interest those who are really detail-oriented. The fact is, most people don’t “read” in detail.

On the other hand, when someone needs money, they don’t care about details. All they care about is how soon they can get the money.

We are not saying that detail is not important, but you need to throw the headline out to catch their attention to apply a progressive disclosure strategy.

If the reader gets attracted, they will click “learn more” or “fill out the form” to know the requirements, interest rate, procedure, etc.

The details show up later.

Your main job as an affiliate marketer is to shout out the benefits enough to generate interest and action. Your main goal is to drive traffic to the merchant’s page, not force people to read your content in detail.

The merchant’s page will have the details. Therefore, there’s no need to fill up your copy with so much detail. Get the reader to click the link. That’s all!

6 Copywriting Tips for Beginners How To Make Your Copywriting Profitable - Content writing

2. What is the benefit of the benefit

We take weight loss products as an example.

If you are an affiliate marketer promoting weight loss products, what benefits are you going to sell?

In general, most people will say you will look better or healthier. Unfortunately, 99% of weight loss marketing is using “self-image” as a benefit.

Now, what are the benefits of this benefit?

What are the benefits of looking better?

Let’s brainstorm a few together:

● You’ll look better, so you will get more girls or boys attention
● You will have greater confidence in yourself
● You will have more career opportunities (it is not weighted discrimination, but true-sad facts)

From here, you can see that “looking better” is not the result that people want. You need to be more specific.

You should use these for your affiliate product offers.

Ask yourself what are the benefits of your offer, and then ask, “What are the benefits of that benefit?”

This can help you connect with your readers on a higher emotional level.

3. As simple as possible

Professional copywriters said a 6-year-old child should be able to understand your copywriting.

Every person has a different level of literacy, so don’t be too smart in your writing. If someone does not understand your copy, they will ignore it.

To test whether your copywriting is easy to read, you can use the free online tool hemingwayapp.com.

If there are no red or yellow highlights, it means your copywriting is easy to understand.

More importantly, do your research, know which audience you are targeting, and speak their language.

For instance, you shouldn’t use technical terms in your copywriting to promote digital products to non-tech savvy audiences.

For easy understanding, use layman terms. They can quickly understand the product benefits and eventually take the desired action.

4. Power words

What are power words?

Anything that can get people attention

● Free
● Quick
● Shocking
● Blueprint
● Secret
● Cheat Sheet
● Many more

For instance:

● 7 Free marketing tools to promote your product effectively. Trust me, it works!
● 4 Ways to lose your body fat quickly
● 20 proofs that perfect social network photos are a shameless lie

Usually, 1 or 2 power words are enough. The above titles prove that you can use more powerful words if appropriate and sound natural, as long as they don’t sound clickbait-y.

Your competition is fierce. Therefore, it’s not the time to be shy when creating a copywriting or designing a headline.

We get one shot at a customer, so you have to make them WOW.

You can Google it to get more ideas about how to create powerful headlines.

6 Copywriting Tips for Beginners How To Make Your Copywriting Profitable - Power Word SEO

5. Talk about the negative

People buy things because they want more. They want growth or change.

People buy things because they want to keep up with trends.

Instead of focusing all your energy on the positive, it is better to show people the negative side of things:

● What happens if they don’t buy?
● If they don’t buy this product, how much will they lose?

For instances:

If we want to promote insurance, don’t just focus on how good your policies are, which illnesses the insurance covers, and so on.

● Talk about what happens if they don’t have any insurance
● How much will the medical bill cost without insurance coverage?

6. Be specific

The more specific you are, the more credible you appear.

How many advertisements have you seen on the Internet saying “trade stocks for $500 a day”?

$500 is not specific enough.

Here are two instances for your reference:

● How I made S$500 Yesterday Trading Stocks
● How I made $432.65 Profit Yesterday By investing in XXX stock

Which one sounds more credible?

People always want to know how things are done. This is part of the reason why being specific can increase your conversion rate.

Here are more tips to help increase conversion rates:

Use accurate numbers. For example, 10.6 kg and 10 kg. 10.6 sounds like scientific research or actual results have been achieved. 10 sounds like just a rough estimate, so it is probably incorrect.

Talk about specific people, as well as people in general.

Explain the “why” and “how” in the copywriting (after attracting them with a compelling title and introduction). Humans are curious beings naturally. Take advantage of this and uncover the details slowly.

Finally, we come to a Call To Action (CTA), the final stage

First of all – your CTA button is not that important compared to the other strategies here.

Selling it before the customer reaches this point is an important part.

Most people who will buy have made up their mind (if it is a long copywriting).

Here are some quick tips to help you boost your CTA:

Custom text – “download” or “click here” may not be the best method. Consider what makes someone want to click on your CTA.

Turn your picture into a clickable link to go to your offer

Place multiple CTAs throughout the copywriting, especially when the copywriting is in a long format. People might be ready to make purchases at different stages.

Distinguish your CTA from the rest of the page to attract attention (colours, borders, text, etc.)

In a Nutshell

This is just an introduction. It takes time to practise to be a good copywriter.

To practise, do the following:

● Write some copywriting
● Publish it
● See how it works
● A/B test another version (most important)
● Know what is right for your specific market

Each market has a different style of copywriting, and each market responds differently for sure.

Copywriting is a skill worth learning. It applies to every business, no matter which industry you are in, which affiliate products you are promoting. If you have good copywriting skills, you can make good money.

What other copywriting techniques do you use for affiliate marketing? Share with us!

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