Simple Guide To Create Website with Website Builder


What is a Website Builder?

Website builders are normally known as all-in-one software tools that let you build a website as quickly as possible, without needing to know any coding or site design skills. Website Builder typically includes a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to build pages and create beautiful layouts easily.

In the previous post, we demonstrated how Exabytes Website Builder works.

website builder editor

It’s always easier to make a website if you start creating one page at a time. FOCUS on the pages that you think are important.

For instance,

HOME: A page to highlight everything you wish your visitors to see at first sight

ABOUT: A page to tell your history, background and credibility

CONTACT: A page for your web visitors to reach you

And of course, you could also have many other pages for your PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Creating good and enticing website content shouldn’t be something that stops you.

You Can Start Building A Website Using Exabytes All-In-One Website Builder

With a website builder, anyone can create a website without any web programming skills. Its especially good option for people who:

  • Need to launch a website quickly.
  • Don’t have tech skills and don’t have time or interest in learning.
  • Would like to manage a website using content management systems
  • Have a small budget to create a website

Steps to create a page using our Website Builder

add pages weebly

Step 1: Click on “Pages” on the blue navigation bar and you will be directed to an interface like below.

Step 2: Here you can simply add pages by clicking on “+”

Note: The number of pages that you can add depends on the hosting package that you signed up for. You may view it HERE.

Step 3: When you’re done creating the pages you want, click and start building in the elements for the pages you’ve created.

Step 4: The first thing you need to do for your pages is to choose the layout style.

choose a layout in weebly

There are many options for layout style. If you have no idea which to choose, you could choose based on these categories: home, contact, about and portfolio

weebly layout library

Step 5: Next, you might want to play around with the 3 big elements as follows:

Weebly pages dashboard

  • Landing page
  • Visibility
  • Advanced

More than 100 website templates to choose from

Exabytes website builder includes templates for all types of website, including online store, business, bloggers, portfolio and other professional looking design to let you kickstart your website. Website Builder includes more than 100 templates for businesses, such as restaurants, professional photography, fashion and beauty retail, and other more.

Website template

#1 Landing page design

Technically, here is the place where you can change the header type (How you want your header to look like).

Weebly landing page selection

The types of header available are:

  • Tall Header
  • Short Header
  • No Header
  • Landing page
  • Splash

#2 Visibility

Weebly visibility

This is the setting that allows you to restrict access to pages on your site.

  • It can be public (anyone can access)
  • Password protected (only those with password can access)
  • Members or groups only (only certain members/groups you created can access)

#3 Online Present to Google and other web search engine

This is the setting that allows you to set the SEO title, descriptions and keywords so that your potential customers can find you!

weebly advanced panel

So here are some basic steps on how you can build your pages easily, we hope you find it useful!


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