Don’t think it’s important to protect your domain name? Think again!


Don’t think it’s important to protect your domain name? Think again!

Protect the domain can be easy.

Previously, we’ve talked about how we can make money by investing on domain names. Since domain names are valuable nowadays, what are the ways we can adopt to protect them?

Here are the 3 simple ways that you can protect your domain names:

1) Remember your domain name expiry date

Do remember to set yourself a reminder before the domain expiry date. You do not want to lose it forever just because of absentmindedness. There are individuals or companies waiting for your domain to expire and take ownership. Next, they might be selling the domain to your competitor at a higher price.
Always remember to set a reminder!

2) Get the private registration service

Do you know that everyone can check your personal details on WHOIS, including hijackers or many others who may see the opportunity to make use of your personal details for some illegal activities?

Don’t believe it, simply perform a check on any domain with WHOIS. I’m sure you can see all the details of the domain owner, if he or she didn’t give any protection to it.

This is because every domain that is registered will have a public record of the person or organization who registered it in WHOIS database.

3) Fight cybersquatters

You might be wondering what cybersquatting is. It is an intentional act to register an unused domain name similar to an existing website and sell it at a higher price. For example, your business domain is, a domain very similar to (note the extra “e”). In this case, cybersquatters are betting visitors may misspell the URL and hence browse the wrong website.

Now imagine you are the owner of When your business thrives, and you realize a lot of your customers who wanted to visit your website actually ended up on (with an extra ‘e’), would you pay a high price to obtain it?
I’m sure many would.

So have you given your valuable domain names enough protection? Visit our website for more details!

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