How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot Easily: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to create Whatsapp Chatbot
How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot Easily

Customer Messaging Software, when effectively managed, almost always yields good results for a businesses.

More in terms of marketing and functional communication the role of WhatsApp bot messaging has become a quality solution. 

Earlier WhatsApp is used regularly by users for personal messaging and communication. However, post the introduction of WhatsApp for business, the dynamics of how WhatsApp is shaping up as the Customer Messaging Software is phenomenal. 

Scope of Creating Chatbot Customer Messaging Software

For businesses with a limited clientele list, a manual response system to the customers can be an easier affair. However, with the growing business, it shall become challenging.

To manage the seamless quality of customer communication, WhatsApp chatbot customers can be resourceful in customer messaging in terms of speed, and ease of information management.

Also, in the fast pace mobile commerce era, customers are likely to discard online shopping carts in the absence of any instant messaging answers for their queries. In such scenarios, the WhatsApp chatbot can be a potential solution for the business.

Thousands of businesses have integrated the chatbot feature in combination with WhatsApp as their Customer Messaging Software.

Today, the buzzword in the Malaysian internet community is chatbot in Malaysia, and more people are looking to create a WhatsApp chatbot.

In this article, the emphasis is on how to create a WhatsApp chatbot easily, and the step-by-step guide which will make SMBs manage their WhatsApp bot-based Customer Messaging Software.

WhatsApp Chatbot Creation Process 

Whatsapp Messaging-app

1. Manage API requirements 

Three important factors are part of managing the WhatsApp chatbot development API.

Industry – WhatsApp bot development is based on the industry the business is operating in and accordingly the API resource for the Customer Messaging Software in the specific industry is accessible thru the API.

Purpose of the WhatsApp bot – Among the major limitation in the process, the WhatsApp chatbot used for marketing and promotional notifications is important.

WhatsApp bot is highly available for managing customer service and non-promotional processes.

Compliance – SMBs must agree to the WhatsApp business solution terms and conditions, alongside the WhatsApp Business Solution policy.

Fulfilling all three criteria as a customer or solution provider, to request Customer Messaging Software application needs filing with company information, URL of the website, and other prerequisites detailed in the form, by the company representative.

Post the verification and approval, the WhatsApp API can be used.

2. Building a Chatbot

Two different options for creating a chatbot solution are either coding it or using the no-code chatbot platform, wherein users without technical knowledge too can set up the chatbot solution.

Many of the no-code chatbot solutions available in the public domain can help in building Customer Messaging Software in the form of WhatsApp chatbots.

Some of the significant range of chatbot solutions builders can help you with analytics integration, which will help in analyzing WhatsApp messages.

For the WhatsApp bot development process, one needs to focus more on the objectives and purpose scope identification. For instance, the questions that customers might ask in the WhatsApp bot and its relative answers need to be sorted. Having better clarity in it resembles the quality of the WhatsApp chatbot solution.

The other option to work on the WhatsApp bot preparation is to design the system option directed or open conversations.

Directed conversations are about using the FAQ kind of set-up where the users select the question, and the WhatsApp bot responds to the query.

Open Conversations are about users asking questions and it is like an open conversation system.

3. Deployment of Chatbot Creator

Needless to code, multiple solutions like Freshworks live chat are offering more customized kind of processes for the creation of WhatsApp chatbots. 

Scripts for the tasks can be deployed from the pre-built response templates for the WhatsApp bot, for each specific task like lead generation, customer support query ticketing, etc.

 The platforms developed will support improving the chatbot experience in terms of accuracy and effective conversation solution. 

Choosing the right kind of Customer Messaging Software plans to integrate WhatsApp bot solutions help in reducing the bounce rate and improving the conversation quality. 

One of the important measures to follow in the WhatsApp chatbot creation is to test the system under a distinct task environment. The prototyping kind of scenario helps SMBs in knowing more about the custom-made WhatsApp bot getting prepared for their Customer Messaging Software

4. Testing the Chatbot 

A demo scenario can be created before the production of the complete version to ensure the business gets premium-level Customer Messaging Software

It helps in understanding the seamless flow of data both in directed and open kind of conversation scenarios, and only when self-assured on the responsiveness and responses offered in the process, the WhatsApp chatbot must be chosen for deployment in a real-time environment. 

The chatbots developed and customized for business purpose is not limited to WhatsApp alone. The purpose of such development is about standardizing the user experience across the digital touchpoints for the customers. 

5. Installation of Chatbot on a Number

As per the regulatory norms and terms, the WhatsApp chatbots must be integrated into one mobile number which is approved for the specific WhatsApp chatbot API. By providing basic details like the name, logo, and contact details the linkage of a WhatsApp chatbot to a number is possible. 

6. Monitoring and Improving 

Regular monitoring of the deployed WhatsApp chatbot can provide analysis of the performance, metrics essential, and the scope for improvement. 

Periodically updating the system with more dynamic responsive facets can help in higher levels of customer engagement and process management using Customer Messaging Software

While a WhatsApp chatbot could be a good bespoke solution, a full-fledged live chat software helps in engaging with visitors on a website. 

Lead generation, customer support, customer engagement and other activities are solutions needed for growth and customer satisfaction.

Exabytes has a tried and tested live chat software which helps solve for all such needs.

To know more about WhatsApp chatbot creation, and the ease of developing the WhatsApp bot as your Customer Messaging Software, please free to contact the Exabytes Malaysia team.

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