6 Best Customer Messaging Apps: Save Time & Cost with Chatbot

Customer messaging apps
Customer Messaging Applications

The ecosystem of a business always has the customer as its central point, and every strategy, planning, and operation of a business is structured to ensure that customer satisfaction stands high. 

Among the various factors that influence customer satisfaction, one of the critical elements is customer engagement and customer communication.

Adequate and appropriate ways of communication with customers can benefit organizations with a significant rise in business.

Globally, businesses are spending millions of dollars on understanding customer expectations, preferences, etc. to ensure the products and services are designed accordingly.

Customer communication and customer service centers software are playing a vital role in improving the customer’s experience with a brand. 

Digital systems for customer communication have evolved, and today, there are a series of applications, and mediums resourceful for businesses to explore in managing customer-related communication.

Here we shall explore and understand the diversified range of communication software and customer service center software resourceful even for small businesses too in handling the business communication requirements to the customers.

Top Messaging Apps WhatsApp Dominates More Markets
Source from: GWI

A survey study by the global web index refers to the top apps used in customer communication, and survey inputs refer to the top positions for various customer communication apps, used across the industry verticals.

The results on the system refer to the promising outcome from customer service center software if rightly used and appropriately adapted for engaging customer communication using customer messaging software.

Some of the contemporary ranges of Customer Messaging Apps are as follows 


Whatsapp customer messaging app

One of the reputed and globally in-demand messaging systems used vividly by businesses is WhatsApp, a simple and more effective communication software.

Using the WhatsApp business, which is exclusively designed for smaller businesses, can be resourceful for catering to the small customer base.

For the SMBs in Malaysia, WhatsApp communication software can be resourceful too and economic in comparison to other kinds of customer service center software.

The new age WhatsApp Business API as a customer service center software supports customized features and integrations using the API solutions. Features like automated messages using the templates, and quick reply solutions using Chatbots are possible.

Also, the communication software supports multimedia format options for messaging to the customer base.

The shared team inbox options can help businesses in understanding the quality of communication with customers and take decisive actions as necessary using the WhatsApp customer communication software.

Facebook Messenger

One of the revolutionary customer messaging software adapted globally by businesses is Facebook Messenger, which is seen as a trusted messaging application for customer support.

With more than 1.3 billion strong user bases, as a customer communication software, it offers a host of features for communication and customer engagement.

Few highlighting features of it are live agent support, powerful automation scope, and boosting customer service productivity.

It can be highly resourceful in terms of managing Automated FAQs using chatbot integration, integration of live agent communication system, booking of follow-ups and reminders to the customers, alongside the conversation with customers signing up for an event.

The internal ecosystem offering from Facebook messenger is a phenomenal customer messaging software.


Telegram communication apps

Emerging as a popular messaging app, many small businesses are keen on using the telegram as preferred customer communication software, as it offers a wide range of service feasibility.

It is also known as a trusted customer messaging software.

Despite that Telegram does not have any exclusive features for business accounts, some of the inherent features can be resourceful as customer care options.

Using the Chatbot solutions, businesses can integrate marketing and customer care over Telegram bots, and it can be resourceful customer messaging software.

Channels and Groups creation feature in Telegram helps businesses in creating customer groups and provide the latest update on product or services to the customers.

Also, it can be used as an information broadcasting set-up to circulate information among the target audience.


One of the fast-growing and high-in-demand social media customer communication software is Instagram.

Small businesses globally use Instagram and leverage the strong user base to respond to customer queries.

It is one of the simple and effective customer communication software.

The interactive nature feature of the platform is resourceful for communication of product and service information to the customers using the Instagram communication software.

Some of the unique features of Instagram communication software are the scope of contact buttons, notification push options, and chat bot application for FAQ, as integral to the communication system design.

Also, the canned response scope available in the communication software is beneficial for businesses to have a quick response system in place.

Live Chats 

The new age web development solutions have the flexibility for add-ins like the live messenger solution wherein the businesses can respond to the online queries and live chat system of communication software.

There are plug-ins available for such live chat solutions. From the user perspective, having this online live chat solution is one of the important touch points for businesses.

The communication software options available in this segment can be an economical and direct touch point for customer interaction.


In addition to the live chat solutions, the other simple but effective solution available is the chatbot solution.

Using the chatbots, the model can be profound in terms of addressing the pre-defined questions and responding to the questions coming up in the communication software.

Chatbots are different types wherein the fixed set of question answering is a model of customer communication management software, and the other set of solutions is to have connecting and interactive system connecting the customer support team to the customer’s requests, and work as an interface.

Introduction to Freshchat from Freshworks

Freshchat Freshwork

Freshchat is a new AI messenger that will make conversations effortless. The chatbot can be trained to understand the user’s intent, and it will generate answers to questions or statements.

Freshchat helps you manage the customer support needs of your business by providing you with a way to automate conversations, organize conversations, and track conversations. There are many benefits of using Freshchat for managing your customer support needs which help you share chats with others and collaborate on them in real time.

Round Up: 5 Common Customer Messaging Apps

The other emerging solutions like WeChat, Viber, and Twitter are some other sets of customer communication applications wherein few of them can be resourceful for direct communication, and in some cases, it is pushed, notification models.

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