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callback software for sales and marketing

The amount of time it takes you to help consumers is crucial when it comes to customer service.

In fact, 60% of customers believe that waiting on hold for even one minute is excessive when contacting a company.

When clients are waiting in a long line, you run the danger of losing both their business and their loyalty. Additionally, you run the risk of developing a bad reputation for providing poor customer service.

Unfortunately, companies can’t always provide quick customer service. Wait times and hold lines are inevitable at peak times.

Happily, there is a fantastic solution to this problem – it is to provide a callback option to customers and visitors.


What is Customer Callback Software?

Customer callback software allows your clients to request a live chat callback from your customer support using the callback option, either as soon as feasible or at a later time that works for them.

Customers will find it simpler to interact with your brand this way without having their lives interfered with.

Instead of waiting on hold for customer service assistance, they can submit a quick callback request form via your website and carry on with their day until your customer service executive gets in touch.

You’ll benefit from shorter wait times and a more affordable response to high contact center demand by providing a callback option.

Phone call customer service

The Advantages of a Callback Option for Customers

Let’s look at the main ways a callback option on your website might help your company right away.

1. Increased Client Satisfaction

Any firm should place a high focus on offering first-rate customer service and experiences. What is a fantastic online marketing strategy to enhance the client experience? eliminating the dreaded hold periods that clients experience when contacting you.

Giving clients a callback option is the simplest and most efficient method to accomplish this. Customer time is wasted and frustrated when waiting in helplines.

This hurts their perception of your company, and even if they do ultimately get excellent customer service, they’ll still remember how long it took to get it.


2. Rise in the First-contact Resolution Rate

Since it’s common knowledge that consumers like to have their issues fixed on the first attempt, the first-contact resolution rate is a crucial performance indicator for customer service centers.

Giving your customer service agents extra context will help to guarantee that more issues are fixed in a single call.

A customer service agent can prepare for the conversation and be better prepared to solve the problem if they can look at the customer’s information before answering a call.


3. Callbacks From Customers Present Just Such a Chance.

A customer’s information, such as their name and the websites they’ve visited, may now be retrieved as soon as they choose the callback option, thanks to advances in callback technology.

Before speaking with the consumer, the customer service adviser may better understand who they are with this information and what they might require.

As a result of a callback, there are many more chances for a first-contact resolution.

As a result of a higher first-contact resolution rate, fewer customer service calls are placed, which reduces hold times, gives customer service agents more time to work on other projects, and prevents customers from being called five times in a row.


4. Lower Prices

It goes without saying that it costs money to keep a consumer on hold. On-hold calls are frequently queued on a phone line with high toll fees at your end, which means businesses are paying for every second a client waits.

A callback option reduces these costs by removing customers from the hold queue and thus lowering the associated toll charges. Your phone lines will be freed up, which will cut trunk charges.

You might eliminate the hold line entirely by providing a customer callback as soon as all of your lines are occupied, significantly reducing your customer service center costs.


5. Growth in Inbound Leads

It’s crucial that you don’t lose out on potential customers because your lines are busy, since those who wish to call you are already warm leads.

You may avoid missing out on these possible chances by choosing the callback option, which also gives you access to client information.

Your advisers will find it simpler, as a result, to gather inbound leads and turn them into paying clients.

Additionally, you may re-target customers with new online marketing strategies as soon as their contact information is saved in your system.

This implies that even if they don’t become paying clients right away, they could in the future.


Callback Software For Sales and Marketing

1. Wolkvox

Wolkvox calling software

Wolkvox is cloud-based software that assists service centers in managing communication via mobile devices, landlines, video calls, email, SMS, and other channels through a unified portal. 

The platform enables businesses to manage interactions across multiple social media channels and web chat apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram.


2. Convoso

Convoso is outbound lead generation contact center dialer software. Our omnichannel solution eliminates the most common service center dialer frustrations.

Customers report up to 300% increases in contact rates, resulting in more conversions and significantly improved ROI.



NOLA AUTOMATION is an autodialer callback solution that assists service centers in communicating with customers through a variety of channels, such as outbound or inbound calls, SMS, emails, live chat, and more.

It enables sales teams to analyze the customer journey by focusing on specific leads or customers and developing online marketing strategies.


4. TeleCRM

TeleCRM is a tele-calling, sales CRM, and automation callback program with a single dashboard that includes automatic lead capture/assignment, an autodialer, clever automated follow-ups, complete personnel tracking, and call recording.


5. Novocall

Novocall Phone Call

Novocall helps businesses capture and distribute qualified sales call leads for inside sales and sales teams by converting web traffic into sales calls.

This best callback software for sales and online marketing strategies captures visitors on your site and converts them into calls and sales.



Customer callbacks are an excellent approach to increasing contact center performance, improving the customer service experience, and collecting more inbound leads.

However, if you want to get the most out of callback software, you must ensure that it is provided by a trusted provider, like Exabytes. Contact us now and connect with our support team to learn more.

Callback Software


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