Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid and Fix


common digital marketing mistakes to avoid by digital marketers

Understanding the common mistakes made by digital marketers is essential since they might render all of your efforts useless.

These digital marketing issues apply to any type of online marketing, whether inbound or outbound, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, or paid advertising.

We are now living in the digital age, which means your business must adapt. Digital solutions may help you promote your business, brand, and product or service.

The essential objective is to avoid some of the more common mistakes made by inexperienced digital marketers and get your digital marketing efforts started on the right foot.

1# Failure to Market Your Website

More often than not, company owners go to digital marketers with the naive belief that once the new website is out, it will somehow magically advertise itself, attracting millions of visits.

Today, there are approximately 1 billion websites on the Internet. What are the chances that someone will come across their website?

Without using digital solutions, a company’s revenues would dry up, and without the guidance of an experienced digital marketer, its website would attract  little or no traffic.

2# Neglecting Mobile Users

mobile users

Everyone has a phone in their pocket that they use for more than simply making phone calls. A digital marketer should make certain that they are not overlooking mobile clients.

Having a website is insufficient for digital marketing Malaysia. Your website must be mobile-device friendly.

Poor mobile experiences may drive customers away from your business. Even if they loved the brand, 50% of individuals stated they would use a company website less frequently if it did not have a mobile-friendly site.

As a result, it is your responsibility as a digital marketer to ensure that your company’s website is mobile-friendly.

3# Having No Blog

site123 blogging website
Create your blog with Site123.

Remember that you’re trying to promote your site as a company as well as a trusted industry leader.

Publishing blog content that is valuable, educational, and easily accessible may help you establish yourself as a reliable voice.

Additionally, from a digital marketing point of view, it is important because each blog post adds another page to your site’s index, and as your site’s index grows, so does its visibility in Google search results.

For example, Exabytes has created its own blog site to share helpful information, events, and tips to grow your business.

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4# Social Media Avoidance

You may believe that you can avoid utilizing social media, yet it is a crucial tool for a digital marketer that helps convert leads into consumers.

Spreading your content, reaching your target audience, and connecting with people will all help you do digital marketing in Malaysia online.

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5# Discounts and Promotions Are Not Available

Customers make an unanticipated purchase just to take advantage of a deal.

Online discount coupons or limited-time deals are excellent pop-ups for the site, particularly on the landing page or when visitors are about to abandon their cart.

As a digital marketer, you should also have to add a call-to-action that is motivated by a promotion.

6# Keyword Research Is Underutilized

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool 

Potential clients must be able to locate you online, so from a Malaysia digital marketer point of view, SEO is vital.

Being a digital marketer or specialist, you should determine which keywords are most relevant, use a digital solution, and have a large search volume.

Once these basics are taken care of, a digital marketer should then measure and track where you rank for each keyword, how much traffic you get from each phrase, and if visitors from that term convert into leads.

7# Lack of the Appropriate Partner or Digital Solutions Tools

digital marketing

Digital marketing in Malaysia is quite complicated. There are so many diverse aspects, components, complexities, and digital solutions that you could spend your whole life learning about just one small portion.

The point is, you can’t do it by yourself. You can’t be a specialist in every facet of digital marketing Malaysia, from search engine marketing and social media to email marketing and PPC.

There are Malaysia digital marketing experts in various subjects, but they do not primarily deal with these topics.

They rely on other digital marketers with diverse skill sets to contribute to the project. The same is true for digital solutions.

8# Poor Customer Service

If a visitor who has never done business with you before decides to become a client, they are taking a risk.

Having strong customer service digital solutions is vital for lowering that risk since satisfied customers will continue to do business with you.

Provide digital solutions like a managed chatbot in a prominent location on your website so that visitors are aware that it is available.

This might be a Contact Us website, a virtual chat box that is available 24 hours a day, a helpline, or other digital solution options.

Making sure that if someone visits your site, they can easily understand that they can get help if they need it, goes a long way in getting repeat website traffic.

9# Neglecting the Competition

It’s very probable that someone else is doing the same thing you are. Instead of pretending they don’t exist, as a digital marketer, find a way to stand out.

Determine what makes your brand unique, think of new digital marketing tactics, and emphasize it on your website.

What sets you apart from the competition should be clearly expressed on your website.

10# Lack of a Well-Defined Strategy

There are no goals to measure or research-backed approaches without a digital marketing Malaysia strategy and a vision.

As a digital marketer, begin by identifying your target audience, creating appropriate goals, knowing what you need to do to attain them, and keeping track of your progress with digital solutions.

11# Not Keeping Track of Your Leads

A digital marketer can use keywords, email blasts, referring links, social media, and other traffic sources to generate online leads.

One of those sources may be generating leads that rarely convert into customers, whereas another may be consistently generating them.

This is critical information to have, which you can get by using digital solutions, so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

To achieve your company’s objectives, you must use the appropriate digital solution and marketing tools.

If you avoid these mistakes, digital marketing Malaysia provides the infinite potential for learning and growth.

If you are a digital marketer and want to get the best digital marketing solutions in Malaysia for your business, Exabytes can provide the best digital solutions in Malaysia.

To know more, contact us now.

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