eCommerceFest 2021 Series #2: Embark Personalized Experiences in eCommerce


Series #2 of eCommerceFest 2021: eCommerce Trends is now complete! This series covers issues related to Malaysian eCommerce Trends. The audience learnt a lot from the speakers who were all seasoned and professional. It was also inspiring to witness everyone’s enthusiasm for engaging with the panellists. 

There are three topics in Series #2, each of which focuses on a distinct area of eCommerce. Entrepreneurs, eCommerce merchants, and SMEs will benefit from the three-panel talk and learn how to expand their eCommerce businesses more efficiently.

The moderator (Samantha Tong) and panelists (Sumit Ramchandani & Christopher Lowe) of the event.

Let’s cut the chase and go into the key points of the first topic: 

1. Leveraging user data 

While a user is browsing your website, you may need to gather and analyze user data to anticipate and understand the kind of products they are looking for.

We can create a personalised website based on the information provided by the user. This will give consumers a personalized experience to increase conversion rates while also making it more user-friendly. 

2. Developing an internal approach 

During the pandemic, Air Asia used their chat platform as a publisher, distributing information about its clients who were travelling. Because everyone may provide knowledge about other nations, the chat platform maintains relevance and interaction with their consumers.

Customers’ problems are also transferred from social media to the chat platform, where they are resolved. This is how Air Asia establishes a relationship with its consumers on an internal level. 

3. Chatbox to create a personalized experience

Chatbox is one of the ways to create a personalized experience for customers, especially for eCommerce businesses. 

  • Marketing 

You can fulfil your business marketing with the help of a chatbox. Chatbox can drive and enhance customer engagement by exposing them to the right content or content that is relevant to them. This will be helpful. 

  • Sales 

The most common way for many businesses to promote sales is to spam on social media and Google. However, doing so can be expensive and hard to drive loyalty to your brand.

It’s necessary to find a balance between promoting sales and creating loyal customers. Chatbox provides notification on the chat app, with the chat app, we can save lots of costs. 

  • Customer support

Chatbox makes it easier to engage with customers. Customers will find it easy too as they know where to find you when they have any enquiry. It is a way to foster and maintain the relationship with your customers, building customer trust for your brand.

4. Create personalized ads and content

To create personalized ads content, you need to understand your target audiences. You could conduct some surveys, leveraging technology like using machine learning or AI to understand customer preferences and tailor content that is relevant to them.

Capturing customer behaviour and preferences before designing your personalized content will drive conversion more effectively.

5. Build brand awareness

For some companies or brands that would like to build brand awareness, it is not right to only target a specific segment of audiences. To build awareness is to get your brand and products to reach as many people as possible.

Personalisation is only relevant to certain brands that would like to target specific audiences, and it could cost a lot of money to convert a specific group of people and not generate widespread awareness. As a result, creating personalized content to raise brand awareness is not recommended.

6. Personalized content across different channels

Personalisation is not limited to apps only, it can be applied on different channels that you use to reach or engage with your customers.

Making personalised content consistent across different platforms such as website, email, SMS or even WhatsApp can drive positive experiences for your customers.

7. Try to run ads on different channels

We’ll never know whether our advertising on different channels can drive people away until we put them to the test. No fixed standard dictates how often you should or should not promote on various networks.

All you have to do now is try, examine, and analyze the information gathered. ‘Feeling it’ is not the right approach when it comes to choosing which channel to promote your products or services.

Instead, we must rely on data to determine which method is the most effective. 

For businesses that want to keep their customers or improve conversion, providing a personalized experience is essential.

It is useful in building the link between your brand and your customers by offering a personalized experience since it creates brand attachment. 

In this session,  both panellists, Sumit Ramchandani, CEO, AirAsia Media Group, and Christopher Lowe, Regional Head of Partner Success, Insider shared how to create a personalized experience for customers in eCommerce, and how personalized experience will help you in your eCommerce journey. 

Wish to learn more? Watch the full video of this session and start to create a personal experience for your customers! 

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