Date: January 18, 2013
Time: 6.30 pm – 11.00 pm
Venue: Traders Hotel Penang

When you imagine classic english ball, what do you see? Smartly dressed men in tuxedos, elegantly dressed women in puffy ball gowns, long tables, candles, wine glasses, and.. masks, perhaps? Something that looks something like this?


Well, last Saturday, the Exabees had almost the same grand party with masquerade theme too, only without the weird white hairdo 😛 (Well, everyone besides the MC, of course. All MCs are allowed to be over dramatic, no? :P) We called the night, the Mardi Gras Night!



Each and every Exabee were dressed elegantly with their masks on, making the night even more glamorous and mysterious. Just look at these Exabees! Don’t they just looked cool?


Yeah, we thought so too! 😀 The night started with a welcoming speech by the MCs, followed by pop quizzes about Exabytes, just to see if we had “true” Exabees among us in Exabytes 😛 Those who answered correctly would win themselves some angpows!


After that, much to all the parents’ surprise, they were being called forward with their kids, to receive some gifts from Toys ‘R Us, specially for the kids! We were told it was Mr Chan’s idea to have something for the kids as well. How thoughtful of him to arrange as such, no! 🙂



Then, the event kickstarted with an opening speech by CEO, Mr Chan Kee Siak, followed by a speech by Dato’ Tan. Once the speeches were done, the dinner started with a toss (okay, many tosses!) of yee sang. In Chinese beliefs, the higher you toss the yee sang, the more prosperous your life would be!




Then, while the dinner progressed with courses after courses of meal, the event also progressed with gifts after gifts given away for the lucky draws! Unlike before, on this night, almost everybody walked back happy with something to take back home from the lucky draws! There were so many gifts given away that night; some of them are like shopping vouchers, hats, electrical appliances, DSLR cameras, bicycle, smartphones, tablets, LCD TVs, and of course, the one gift that everything is looking out for — 5% increase in salary! No kidding!











In between the lucky draw session, there was also a game session to keep the night going. The game is called Guess The Word where a word is shown to a player, and the player is supposed to act the word out to the next player without saying the actual word. The next player will also do the same, until it reaches the last player, who was supposed to guess the word from the action shown by the previous players. It is somewhat like the “Chinese Whispers/Grapevine/Whisper Down The Lane” game, only it is acted out. 😀 It was so much fun and hilarious seeing the players acting out!





The end of the game is followed by the Employee of the Month (EOTM) certification ceremony where all the EOTMs of 2013 were invited on to the stage to receive a certificate of their excellence.




Then, suddenly the light went dim and the MC announced that the very next slot was especially dedicated to Mr Chiew from AIMS whose birthday fell on the very same day! He was invited on stage together with the rest of January babies to blow the candles and celebrate their birthdays. 🙂




Then, it was the time that everybody was waiting for — the announcement of THE King & Queen of the night! The best dressed female & male would win him/herself RM500 cash each! The nominees were called on stage, and the winners are..



Yeap, Lady Rachel and Sir Vickson! 😀 *claps claps claps* Is it coincidental that they were both wearing gold? Hmm we’re not sure! But kudos to them for putting the effort to dress-to-kill. They definitely killed it alright! 😀

After the announcement were made, all of us Exabees were called on stage to have a group photo together.


See how much we’ve grown? The family keeps getting bigger and bigger! 🙂 It was indeed an unforgettable night and for this, we’d like to thank the OCs as well as those who are involved to make this lovely night possible for all of us Exabees, namely — Azam, Wei Ling , Calvin, Tommy, Manga, Arren, Alysa & Vickson! Here’s to 2014, here’s to all Exabees!

For more pictures of the beautiful event, go to

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