Exabytes “Hitting The Cloud” Launch in Penang


On December 13, 2011, Exabytes launched the very first comprehensive cloud hosting service in Malaysia named “Hitting The Cloud” which generated much hoo-ha and heat in the IT industry and among the general public. Today, as numerous people still have questions like “what exactly is Cloud Technology? Are its applications limited only to websites and PCs?” and we at Exabytes have received countless enquiries from our valued clients, we decided to hold a second Cloud Hosting Launch on January 12 at Suntech Tower in Penang Cybercity, the home to many corporate offices included Exabytes in the first month of 2012.

In fact, cloud hosting also known as hosting in the cloud is the web hosting services delivered as a service rather than a product over the Internet which allows users to fully focus on their websites, eCommerce, products, profits, etc instead of hardware and its huge cost in upgrading. It is also a technology that will soon replace the old idea of renting a server or shared hosting and is often described as “unlimited computing power – bandwidth, RAM, CPU power, storage, etc on demand” whenever needed by users.

At the same time, we were delighted and proud to have CEO Chan to explain to our eager audience in Penang, which included some who drove faraway from Kedah and Ipoh. While Chan was busy talking to the reporters from Nanyang and Guangming daily in an interview on the launch as well as cloud technology, registration started at 9.00am sharp after preparation was carried out by Exabees at around 8am early in the morning. At 9.30am, the crowd began to size up and many were seen mingling freely among one another. Our arriving guests were all treated to a healthy breakfast serving egg tarts, curry puffs, coffee and tea.

As the clock struck ten, Pei Yin, emcee of the day greeted everybody via the microphone and announced the opening of the event. CEO Chan was immediately invited to the stage to speak on cloud hosting / technology / computing, a hot topic that Chan had spoken on many occasions such as in his recent interview with The Edge business magazine among others. To further enable our audience to fully grasp the concept of cloud, Chan had also prepared a live demo to show how Exabytes’ cloud control panel worked, the easiness in managing it and its flexibility for users to scale their hosting resource limit or computing power.

Next, it was the most awaited moment – our event’s Lucky Draw session featuring prizes like iPad2, limited edition Exabytes wireless mice, Starbucks member cards and many other goodies from Kaspersky as well as Exabytes. The atmosphere reached a new peak when our grand prize winner was announced!! Looking at the big smile on the faces of our winners, we were truly glad that we did something meaningful in the brand new year to light up the mood of our lucky winners 🙂

Soon the time has reached for us and our valued participants to fill up their empty stomach. Lunch was served at Suntech indoor cafe on 10th floor at around 11.30am. Many participants and Exabees were seen having a great time networking around. Some guests took the opportunity to visit Exabytes’ cloud live demo counters to clear any lingering doubt they still had on cloud hosting / computing. At the same time, Pintas IP, a partner of Exabytes that offered trademark registration services were also present at the scene with a booth set up to speak with the eager participants.

Finally, in an effort to continuously improve ourselves to serve our customers better in the future, event feedback forms were handed out before the launch officially ended at 1pm. As a token of appreciation, Exabytes’ Limited Edition Cloud T-shirts were given away to our participants.

To those of you out there who attended Exabytes’ “Hitting The Cloud” launch in Penang, a thousand thanks for your valuable time spent on traveling especially from other northern states. Your active involvement and support in this event has helped us in making it a successful one. Last but not least, pictures of “Hitting The Cloud” launch in Penang is now available on Exabytes Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150564762621928.426736.100731761927&type=1

Feel free to tag yourselves in there so that we can get to know you better! 🙂

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