Cloud is beginning to grow in more and more people lately. Realizing this, Exabytes organized an event called ISVs Journey to the Cloud seminar to  assist ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) in the country to market and sell their “Software and services” over the Internet with solid and practical skills with the power of Cloud.

The morning of the event started with some of our Exabees from Penang as well as KL working together to set up the venue.





The event that took place at Cititel Mid Valley last week was attended by over 60 pax started as early as 8.30pm as participants started to fill up the hall to register themselves for the event. Goodie bags which consists of Exabytes notebooks, flyers and calendars were given out as the participants registered themselves.



Some of the participants also were given mystery prize which consists of our exclusive From Zerobyte to Exabytes book.


As the clock stroke 9am sharp, the event started with the first speaker, Mr Larry Lim who enlightened all of us with tips and strategies for Search Engine Marketing, followed by our very own CEO, Mr Chan Kee Siak on ISVs Journey to the Cloud 101, and Mr Rafe Azsnal on Cloud Initiative for Malaysia ISVs.





After a short morning break, the event continued with SEO Guru, Francis Lui, who spoke on Evolution of SEO to SEO2 and then followed by Radin Ikram on Business Mastery – Building Your Business Foundation and Whei Wong on How to Retain Your Business Prospects.



IMG_2938-M-whei wong

At 12.30pm, the participants were given an hour break for lunch. The participants enjoyed a buffet of delicious food which was a fusion of local & western food. There were also plenty of desserts and sweets to choose from that definitely filled the participant’s tummies!




The seminar then continued at 2pm where the seminar was resumed again with a talk by Terry Yee on Payment Solutions for Cloud ISV, followed by Gautam Guin from Seagate on Transformation of Storage in Cloud Space.



After a short afternoon break, the event continued again with talk by Stan Lee on Internet Continuity for Cloud, Lok Choon Hong on Intellectual Property In the Digital Economy, Michael Lai on Trailblazing with 4G and ended with Karamjit’s talk (from Digital News Asia) on Cloud ISV Panel DiscussionModerator.


IMG_2994-M-lok choon

IMG_2996-Michael lai


During the seminar too, some of our speakers were being interviewed at a different room for a little Q&A session for the medias.

It was indeed a very successful seminar which has helped opened the minds of the many ISVs that were eager to learn a lot on the day of the seminar.

Of course, the event will not made successful without the participation of our sponsors, Seagate, Ecentrix, OnApp, MSC Malaysia, MDEC, AIMS, MOLPay, Dell, Digital News Asia and P1 Wimax. For more pictures of the event, please visit our official Facebook page, HERE! Until the next event from us! 😉