Easy.my Acquires Hinetmedia.com eStore and HiMall.my


Exabytes Acquisition

We are thrilled to announce that Hinetmedia.com eStore and HiMall.my have been acquired by Easy.my (a division of Exabytes), and that we are about to meet and serve our new customers!

Our shoppers’ shopping experience and satisfaction as well as the variety of our merchandise have always been our priority. We are glad that Hinetmedia.com eStore and HiMall.my are joining us for an important and unified purpose – to offer the most exciting and pleasurable shopping experience to our shoppers.


Hinetmedia and Himall.my

Established since 2004, Hinetmedia is a local eCommerce solution company that has been hosting and maintaining over 800 customer Online Stores. Hinetmedia’s online commerce websites include www.secretrecipe.com.my, www.merge4u.com.my, www.babykidseshoppe.com, mymegastation.com.my, and more.

Briefly, Himall.my is an online shopping mall that carries over 80,000 products from over 800 local Malaysian merchants; while the Hinetmedia eStore offers eCommerce start up solutions for merchants such as domain setup, payment gateways, shopping cart system, social marketing tools, website traffic management and more.

With the acquisition, Easy.my will be serving over 10,000 eCommerce merchants selling over 100,000 products online.


Easy.my Sets to Become ASEAN’s Largest Online Shopping Mall

Easy.my is currently one of the largest online shopping mall in Malaysia with over 7,000 retailers and as the gateway for local merchants to reach out to global-wise customers. The acquisition of Hinetmedia is part of Easy.my’s strategy towards becoming ASEAN’s largest online shopping virtual mall.

According to CEO Chan, with Easy.my’s simplified interface, hassle-free e-Store setup and cost effectiveness for merchants to promote their products without spending much on time and money in setting their individual eCommerce websites, it is looking forward to recruit 20,000 more online merchants in line with market growth of social media and online retailing by 2015.


New Acquisition, New Surprises!

Easy.my would like to extend its biggest Thank You for all the support given by our shoppers. To you our new valued shoppers / customers, we vow to shower you with plenty of surprises and excitements and make your future visits to Easy.my unforgettable ones.


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