How to Snap a Killer Product Photo for Your e-Store?


To be successful in E-Commerce, one of the important things you must be concerned about is the product photos that are displayed on your website.


#1 A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

typing while looking at laptop screen

Good product photos tell your website visitors what you are selling instantly. Just like the saying “a pictue speaks a thousand words”, the majority of people are more attracted to images than words.

In addition, the most important images on an e-Store are the product images.

“Images are not only what your web visitors see first, sometimes it’s the last thing they see.”

Imagine your product photos are not up to par — too blurry, small, dark, or with complicated background, your web visitors may exit your page instantly, proceeding to look for other websites which offer better photos and images. If this happens, your sales drop due to poor quality product images.

#2 It’s HOW Your Potential Customers See You

business reputation

“Great images make your e-Store look professional, trustworthy and legitimate –- greatly increase customer confidence. Remember, product presentation is of utmost importance in today’s digital age.”

The saying is so true! People are more likely to buy from an E-Commerce store with stunning and clear images, instead of from a website that is filled with blurry and low quality photos.

Furthermore, great images show that you are serious with your customers –- definitely another plus point in boosting sales!

Commercial Photography Workshop

In view with our commitment to assist our customers to achieve success in E-Commerce, EDC (Exabytes Designer Club) has recently organised a commercial photography workshop to share some great knowledge and techniques in doing commercial photoshoots. Daniel Low 3 Hours hands-on commercial photography

videographer checking angle

Daniel Low, the founder of Semences Designs Studio was the invited speaker of this workshop. Daniel who has 15 years of experience in design & advertising has received multiple prestigious awards and published several internationally recognized works. Daniel Low

EDC gathering at Penang Suntech Office lobby

At the workshop, he explained the difference between professional cameras and normal cameras, and also the tools for commercial photography. Daniel Low

Exabytes Penang Office lobby full house

Other than that, Daniel shared on how to DIY, how to use professional equipment the right way as well as budgeting. Other interesting topics included lenses and studio lighting.

The most anticipated was the hands-on session in which Daniel and his assistant demonstrated to the audience how to take good images of a product. product photo shooting tutorial

Daniel Low teaching how to use camera

EDC photo shooting tutorial

Lastly, Daniel wrapped up his impressive and practical workshop with photography editing.

Thank you to those of you who participated at this workshop! Without your support, the workshop would not be a success.

If you have missed out this workshop, no worries, a series of photography workshops are on their way. Be sure to stay tuned for more good news!


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For more photos, feel free to visit our photo album at EDC – Commercial Photography Workshop

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