According to Facebook’s latest announcement on Monday, they will penalise posts that ask and request people to like, share, comment, tag, and engage with the post in order to increase its engagement metrics and garner higher rankings in Facebook News Feeds. Facebook refers to these posts as “engagement baits”.

To make it easy for you to understand the “Engagement Bait” posts, take a look at some of the examples Facebook has listed out below:




Over the coming weeks, Facebook News Feed algorithm will begin to demote and penalise Pages that constantly practise “engagement baiting,” negatively affecting the reach of organic posts and ads. Facebook also stated that they will continue to find ways to improve and scale their efforts to reduce engagement bait.

Will this affect my Facebook Page?

Businesses, media and publishers that practise engagement baiting tactics in their posts will see more significant drops in reach count. Thus, Page Admins should focus on generating valuable, relevant, and meaningful content that do not practise engagement bait tricks.

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