Forging Weighty Partnerships to Offer Better


Forging Weighty Partnerships to Offer BetterGrowing businesses online being a core of Exabytes, our partnership team is always on the lookout for weighty and valuable partnerships to further enhance our offers to clients.

Exabytes, known as Southeast Asia’ leading All-in-one Business Cloud, Digital and eCommerce solutions provider, we work diligently to ensure that we are always up-to-date with the industry and be able to offer a complete solution for our clients to grow their business online to greater heights.

Partnerships to Offer Better Together

An opportunity we did not miss this year in 2021 was to work with Visa, a world-known financial service corporation.

Offering a service that connects millions of people everyday, enabling how people move money around the globe, Visa’s digital payment network connects millions of people millions of people around the world everyday through electronic payments. 

Being a digital company ourselves, Exabytes saw the connection between us and Visa. In this day and time, going digital is no longer a luxury, but a core necessity for both individuals and businesses.

The need to go digital has been further emphasised since the hit of the pandemic. The world has started to see a hike in the percentage of businesses going digital, and individuals regardless of age learning and starting to use digital. 

Going Digital for Business Sustainability

We know that going digital is vital now for business survival and sustainability, but there are still many who are facing challenges to digitalise.

For businesses who have been operating from their brick and mortar store all these while, digitalising their businesses in a sudden matter may come as stressful and a step they feel uncomfortable to take.

As such, at Exabytes, we work diligently with a core focus, which is to help businesses embark on their digitalisation journey and grow their businesses online.

Offers Exclusive to Visa Business Cardholders

With our collaborative efforts between Visa and Exabytes, we have carefully crafted an offer Visa business card users cannot reject. Exabytes is offering 40% OFF all our web hosting services only to Visa business cardholders.

This offer is exclusively offered to this partnership with Visa as a support for more businesses to be able to go digital. This offer of up to 40% is offered across all Exabytes’ websites covering Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and .COM.

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