Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is the best platform to TRIPLE your business? [Part 2]


Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads, which is the best platform to TRIPLE your business?

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Factor #4 Targeting OptionFacebook Audience Insights

What is the total number of Facebook users in Malaysia? The answer is 15-20 million active users according to Facebook Audience Insights.

What is the total number of Facebook users in Malaysia? The answer is 15-20 million active users according to Facebook Audience Insights - InterestsOne of the most powerful features advertisers love about Facebook Ads is its ability to target audience based on interest. Furthermore, advertisers can also target based on hobbies, Pages Liked and behavior.

Google Ads Display Planner

From the data indicated under Display Planner, Google AdWords, we can know the estimated display network by keywords. In the above example, “online ads” can provide up to 5-10 billion impressions in the huge Google Display Network.

Google AdWords - negative keyword

Wish to exclude certain keywords to save you budget? Google Ads are able to filter it for you once you add your negative keywords into your Google Search campaign.

In this regard, Google Ads have higher number of audience compared to Facebook Ads. Thus Google Ads are able to reach a bigger audience thanks to Google Search and Google Display Network. This is extremely useful if your marketing objective is to reach a large audience.

On the other hand, Facebook ads can target audiences based on endless combinations of interests. It would be useful if you can identify potential customers’ behavior, demographic and interests. With these, your ads can get very high engagement.

Factor #5 Remarketing

How re-marketing works

How Re-Marketing works?

Do you notice that for some websites you have visited, their ads would appear the next time when you browse the Internet on other websites and your Facebook newsfeeds?

The Re-Marketing Process:

  1. A potential customer visits your website.
  2. He or she leaves your website without making a purchase/ signing up.
  3. When this potential customer of yours browse the Internet tomorrow/next week/in the future, your ads appear on the websites he visits, and also his Facebook newsfeeds
  4. The customer clicks your ads and returns to your website.
  5. The customer decides to make a purchase/sign up.

Types of re-marketing ads: Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
– Standard re-marketing
– Dynamic re-marketing
– Re-marketing for mobile apps
– Re-marketing lists for search ads
– Video re-marketing
– Customer List
– Website Traffic
– App Activity



The main difference between Google Ads Re-marketing and Facebook Ads Re-Marketing is that Google Ads allow you to re-market outside its own network (Google partner sites). This includes all Google Display Network, websites and apps. You can control the maximum impressions per day per user to widen the reach of your display campaign.

With Facebook, you can re-market on Facebook and their newly launched Facebook Audience Network. Basically, Facebook Ads are primarily optimized on their own platform. In order to utilize this function, you need at least immediate level of Facebook Ads knowledge to configure.

Facebook - Example Audience Network
The three formats of Facebook Audience Network


Which one works best for you: Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?

Understanding your target market and your customers’ buying behavior will help you to tap on the strength of both advertising platforms. It’s advisable to have a try on Google Ads and Facebook Ads at the same time.

While there is no exact answer which digital advertising platform works best for you, their main differences are:

[su_note class=”bold”]• Google Ads are best for immediate sales
• Facebook Ads are best for lead generation and brand awareness [/su_note]

For a more detailed comparison, take a look at the [Infographic] Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads by Wishpond.

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