Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is the best platform to TRIPLE your business? [Part 1]


Google Ads vs Facebooks Which is the best platform to TRIPLE your business

As what is foreseen by many entrepreneurs and investors, the Malaysia’s e-commerce penetration is set to double in 2016, as well as the growth in the digital marketing environment. To stay competitive and expand in the current trend, businesses need to focus on DIGITAL MARKETING especially the mobile audience.

You probably have heard about Google AdWords, which was already 16 years old. Facebook Ads on the other hand, was only launched in 2004.

For sure everyone wishes to expand and develop their business the fastest way with the most efficient cost. Can both of these most popular Online Advertising Platforms in the world help your business to achieve the aforementioned?

We think the answer is a resounding YES. But the question is:

Let’s compare both platforms now!

How to decide which is the best for you?

Factor #1 Target Audience

The first and the most basic question usually asked is:

What industry are you in?

Once you’re clear which industry you are in, the next big question is:

What are your target customers, and how well do you know them?

Let’s say you’re selling fashion online. Is your target audience the young, working adults or housewives? Is your business targeting high-end customers or regular customers? Can you list down your target audience as detailed as possible?

Your target audience is the main thing to consider when choosing between Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

Identify your target audience

Need help on how to define your target audience? Read the guidance provided by

Once you’ve identified and list down all the attributions or segments of your target audience, proceed to the next factor!

Factor #2 Consumer Intent

In general, Google Ads help to target your customers based on search terms. Do you know over 81% of internet users would do research online before making a purchase?

What exactly are the ‘research’ done by Internet users before buying?

What exactly research do internet user do before buying

For someone actively searching for a solution, product/service or information, Google Ads can perform extremely well. With AdWords, Google aims to provide convenience to all Internet users and make our life easier and more efficient. And of course if you’re running a business, your potential customers can reach you easily.

On the other hand,

Facebook Ads do not target on buying intent, but the other way round. The social media platform can reach people in the early stage of the buying process, before they are aware of their needs, whilst still be able to capture those who are already aware of their needs in a much subtle way.

As you might be aware Malaysia is one of the “mobile first” nations when it comes to internet and social media access. On average, Malaysians spend more time on Facebook compared to Google. However, in order to become successful in Facebook Ads, you must apply different approaches when launching your digital ads.

Many amateur marketers think what works well with Facebook Ads can be duplicated into Google Ads, however, in reality they are totally two different advertising platforms.


Factor #3 Ads Types

Examples of Google Ads:

Google Search Advertising Google Display Advertising
Text Ads in Google Search Results Image Ads in Google Display Advertising
 Google YouTube Advertising  Google Gmail ads
Video Ads in YouTube Advertising Text and Expanded Ads on Gmail


Pros of Google Ads:

  • The ability to reach target audience based on keywords or search intent
  • Your image ads can reach millions of websites in Google Display Network channel
  • Your video can appear at the second largest search engine in the world,


Examples of Facebook Ads:

 Facebook Newsfeed ads  Facebook video ads
Ads in Facebook Newsfeeds Video Ads on Facebook
 Facebook Carousal ads  Facebook event ads
Multiple images in Carousel Ads Promote Facebook Events


Pros of Facebook Ads:

  • Besides promoting your products/services, promotions or website, it can indirectly increase your Facebook page awareness
  • The number of likes, views, comments will become social proof
  • Customizable interest targeting option is available

The above mentioned are the popular examples of FB ads and Google Ads that we see frequently.

Be aware of the fact that certain types of ads do have advantages to specific industry. For example, if you’re running a car towing service, Google Ads definitely is the better choice compared to Facebook Ads as your service is often needed in an emergency situation, and almost all customers will go straight to Google search.

On the contrary, for an online store selling cosmetics products, both platforms are able to help in creating brand awareness, online sales and enquiries.

*Keep in mind no businesses in a specific industry is restricted to a single platform. However, based on data, research and some real life examples, certain businesses in certain industry do benefit better from AdWords/Facebook Ads.  

Can’t wait to read Part 2? Click HERE to see more comparisons! 


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