Best Strategy: How Can SME Leverage SMS Marketing?


SME leverage SMS Marketing

SMS, or short messaging service, is a less often used word in many modern marketing methods. This is to be expected given the rapid growth of digital marketing in recent years, but SMS marketing is still more impactful than email marketing.

Not every SMS marketing campaign is the same. Some businesses include SMS marketing fully in their whole business plan, while others only see it as a side activity.

75% of customers prefer to get offers by SMS. Compared to other digital channels, offer messages have a 9.18% better CTR rate. When compared to email marketing, the open rate for SMS is 98%.

According to analysts, the e-commerce industry will begin to recognize in 2022 the value of SMS marketing in terms of generating leads and improving conversion rates.

How Can Companies Effectively Use SMS Marketing?

1# Assemble a Team for SMS Marketing

Big SMS marketing initiatives are not do-it-yourself. The business needs a range of competent individuals to get the most out of its digital marketing plan.

The following positions are needed by businesses: an expert in SMS marketing programs, a retail expert, coordinators for on-site signage, digital creative designers, social media experts, a promotions specialist, an ROI, and discount budget analyst, and more.

There may be one or a few persons who play many roles.

The SMS marketing team must work closely together and communicate often about goals, tactics, and execution since these areas need to be integrated and because the bulk SMS timeframe is becoming more and more urgent.

The SMS marketing team’s depth will determine how much you gain from successful bulk SMS marketing tactics.

2# Create Simple Bulk SMS

Businesses have 160 characters to make a point; use them wisely. If one can, complete it faster. Make sure the writing for SMS marketing is simple English and the message is clear and succinct. Do not use emojis, acronyms, or all capitals.

Use closed messages only. A bulk SMS that welcomes customers to a sale but doesn’t specify when it will end is an illustration of an open-ended message.

Whether it is for a day or a month is unknown to the customer.

Customers are more likely to take action if one specifies a deadline for a sale or includes an expiration date on a coupon since businesses provide them with sufficient information and motivation via SMS marketing.

3# Make Good Use of Call-to-action Buttons

The call-to-action (or CTA) of your SMS marketing campaign is another, and possibly the most important, aspect of its success.

The clients are given something to do through the call to action. If the information in your SMS marketing piques their attention, that is the action they ought to perform next.

This can be done by following a link to a business website, completing a form, participating in a poll, or entering a contest.

For customized offerings, one may also incorporate promotional bulk SMS codes.

Make sure the CTA is brief and simple to understand, much like the text. Here are some excellent instances of SMS marketing using:

  • Buy Now!
  • Text to win.
  • Show this text to get 50% off.
  • New shoes 20% off.
  • Don’t miss out!

4# Correct Your Timing

Everything about SMS marketing is instant. The average time it takes for someone to open a message is three minutes.

The best customer reactions to bargains, promotions, and events advertised by SMS marketing are impulsive last-minute purchases.

Send the notification on Friday afternoon if the shop opening is on Friday night. Send a bulk SMS towards the end of the workday, not in the morning, if one has a dinner promotion at the restaurant.

Sending an SMS blast in Malaysia too early in the morning or too late at night might put one on shaky ground.

The acceptable SMS marketing time range is from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

5# Combine SMS Marketing With Other Forms of Advertising.

When developing an SMS marketing plan for a sale or an event, having an omnichannel strategy is usually beneficial.

If the communications are presented to your customers across a variety of channels like bulk SMS, there is a greater likelihood that they will progress through the sales funnel.

Cross-channeling can also aid in building strong brand recognition. Customers are more likely to take action through one of those platforms when they interact with the content across many platforms, like SMS marketing.

6# Concentrate on Your Top Clients

Businesses’ greatest customers are the ones that stick with them, make repeat purchases, provide feedback, and spread the word about the business to their social networks.

Finding this group of consumers (influencers) and investing more time and money in them is a wise approach.

Utilize their familiarity with the brand to businesses’ advantage by sending them all bulk SMS with more in-depth polling questions than businesses do for their regular customers.

They are also a VIP for the business, one can run a personalized SMS marketing campaign for them.

7# Take Advantage of Bulk SMS Services to Boost Sales

Businesses cannot send individual messages to customers, so using a bulk SMS service to boost sales is the best SMS blast Malaysia option.

Promotional bulk SMS is delivered sometimes on special days or during impending special events to stimulate and engage the clients with bulk SMS services one can send bulk SMS to their clients.

Businesses can obtain bulk SMS services from Exabytes to run SMS marketing smoothly SMS blast.

Keeping the customer at the center of your SMS strategy is essential for effective SMS marketing.

Whether you decide to use SMS marketing to greet new subscribers, send personalized birthday messages, or provide promotional deals, bulk SMS can be a powerful tool for a company.

Exabytes Bulk SMS Marketing Solution may help you connect with your customers to SMS blast Malaysia and achieve your objectives by boosting sales.

To find out more about Bulk SMS Marketing Solution, contact us now.

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