(Without a Doubt) SMS Marketing Can Drive Sales with the Lowest Cost! Here’s Why


SMS marketing can drive sales with the lowest sales

Economies of scale, earlier seen as management guru jargons, are the real need for SMBs in managing their marketing operations.

While social media marketing, digital advertising, and other instant messaging solutions are yielding good results, the common challenge across such digital options is rising costs.

Unlike text marketing or SMS marketing solutions, in digital marketing options, the cost of pay-per-click or lead generation costs are high.

Considering the need for businesses to have a better outcome with limited resources, SMS marketing is undoubtedly a potential tool for businesses.

Discarded as a faded mode of advertising medium, SMS marketing-related reports indicate the text messaging conventional SMS marketing medium as a superlative system.

Despite certain limitations in the SMS marketing schemes, there are many features of SMS marketing compounding the marketing support for businesses.

This article highlights reasons why text messaging using SMS marketing can still be resourceful for SMBs in Malaysia, managed at lower costs.

User Behavior 

user behavior on mobile phone

Research studies refer to users spending an average of 3 hours on mobile screen time in addition to call durations.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of handling daily routines for millions of users.

Right from online shopping to engaging in conversations with brands and customers, the dependency of users on mobile devices is on an exponential rise.

With the device interaction with customers being high, mobile commerce is imminent to gain traction.

Estimations are about 60% of the online orders for eCommerce apps taking place from mobile devices.

The learning from these statistics is about how mobile devices are integral to the daily life of billions of users.

Even the reputed global eCommerce players work on text marketing and SMS marketing their discount offers, and other news to their customer base.

Text messaging happens over in-app notifications or by SMS marketing too.

Studies focusing more on the SMS marketing campaign hits highlight the hit ratio of SMS marketing as higher than email marketing or telemarketing towards call-for-action set-up.

Understanding relative inputs from the statistics direct the magic of SMS marketing still working.

Scope for Personalization 

In the early days of SMS marketing times, the options for SMBs are limited.

There were few sets of service providers offering bulk messaging packages for text message-based SMS marketing.

The scope for customization of text messages or text marketing in old systems was limited for the business.

However, in the new age solutions, the dynamics are a lot different.

Today, businesses can choose images, Gifs, or other formats too for inclusion in text marketing.

Also, unlike in the past, now the speed and accuracy with which SMS marketing is dealt are phenomenal.

A distinct set of customization features is available for businesses to plan text marketing.

For example, businesses can prepare anniversary or birthday-related wishes as text message templates in the SMS marketing system.

On the anniversary or birthday of the customers, as mentioned in CRM, the system delivers wishes as a text message to the customers.

In this process, there are two good learnings, one about the scope for integration of SMS marketing to your CRM system, and the second about the level of customization and scheduling system available with new-age SMS marketing solutions.

Increase the Reach 

Billions of users are using mobile devices, and the demographic data is curated among the service providers using distinctive sources.

For marketing campaign solutions, businesses can rely on the SMS marketing services available from reputed service providers.

The scope for customer profiling-based SMS marketing is a reality.

The filters in the form of demographic, proximity-based SMS campaigns, or target group base text marketing are available at the click on filters.

Unlike digital ad spending needing a significant budget to reach target groups, in a fraction of such costs, the reach to millions of users is high in SMS marketing, at much lower costs.

Also, from the digital divide perspective, reaching out to customer segments across all classes is possible with text marketing as regional language text marketing solutions are today’s reality.

Call-for-Action Scope 

[World Reaching Through Content Making]

The other reason why SMS marketing is regaining popularity is its evolutionary features for call-for-action models.

We all be receiving messages from brands communicating offers or some product information etc in a text message.

Alongside the text message, there is call-for-action text marketing in it.

For instance, the shortened URL requesting the interested parties to participate in a survey or click to download the application, or click to route the request to a website, there are many actionable occurrences possible with text marketing.

Such text marketing using the SMS marketing channels is offering promising results, and the lead generation costs from SMS marketing conventional channels are lower than the social media advertising campaign costs such as Facebook ads, Linkedin ads and Google Ads.

Analytics Integration 

The other revolutionary development for SMS marketing is the integration of analytics solutions into text marketing channels.

The new age systems can filter the demographics, location, etc. for text marketing as a pre-messaging stage.

Whereas real analytics is being resourceful in terms of custom reports on the call-for-action outcome, the reach, and the possible lead generations from each SMS marketing campaign.

Such analytical insights on how and where the effective text marketing campaign yield results is an added advantage to planning SMS marketing more effectively.

However, for successful implementation and reaping benefits of an SMS marketing campaign, businesses should have definitive objectives for each campaign, have a clear target market segment for launching the SMS campaign, and use reliable service providers offering solutions.

The other essential fact in the SMS marketing process is the consent of users for receiving the promotions.

If the above-mentioned compliance and marketing practices are followed, certainly SMS marketing channels usage for text messaging to customers deliver quality results.

Bulk SMS Marketing Solution is an effective tool to reach potential clients instantly and conveniently.

With plans starting as low as RM 189.00 / month, it is also a cost efficient marketing operations component.

Engage with the expert team from Exabytes Malaysia for amazing offers on bulk SM marketing campaign solutions.

Bulk SMS Marketing Solution

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Why SMS Marketing Can Drive Sales with the Lowest Cost?

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