Mastering the Art of Restaurant Surveys: A Comprehensive Guide


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Are you a restaurant owner or manager striving to enhance your establishment’s performance? Look no further than restaurant surveys. Understanding and addressing customer feedback is paramount in the restaurant industry. A negative review on platforms like Yelp or Google Review can deter potential patrons and tarnish your reputation. This is where restaurant surveys come into play.

By directly collecting feedback from your patrons, you can pinpoint areas for improvement and make necessary changes to provide a superior dining experience.

In this article, we will comprehensively cover all aspects of restaurant surveys, including their significance, the key questions to include, and how to seamlessly implement them.

What Exactly Is a Restaurant Survey?

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In essence, a restaurant survey is a set of carefully crafted questions designed to solicit feedback from diners about their experience at your establishment. This feedback encompasses various aspects, including food quality, ambiance, service, and more.


Why Should You Utilize a Restaurant Survey?

1. Gauging Customer Satisfaction

By soliciting feedback from customers, you gain insights into what they appreciate and what they find lacking in your restaurant. This information empowers you to enhance the overall dining experience, potentially fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

2. Focused Improvement for Your Restaurant Team

Identifying areas in need of improvement allows you to provide targeted training and support to your staff, helping them deliver a superior dining experience. This, in turn, fosters better teamwork, higher employee morale, and an overall enhanced dining experience for your customers.

3. Generating Fresh Ideas for Products and Services

Beyond refining existing offerings, restaurant survey questions can spark innovation. For example, by asking customers about their preferences for new menu items, you can develop exciting dishes that keep patrons returning for more.

How to Develop a Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey (or Any Type of Restaurant Survey)

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Once you’ve formulated your survey questions, it’s time to put your survey into action and extract valuable insights. Follow these four steps to create, distribute, and analyze your inaugural restaurant survey questionnaire:

1. Construct a Survey Form

After finalizing your questions, create a user-friendly form for patrons to complete. We recommend using a form builder that accommodates various response types for in-depth analysis, such as name, email, phone number, ratings, open-ended text, single-choice, multiple-choice, and more. The form builder should also seamlessly aggregate all responses into a single, easily analyzable dataset.

2. Distribute Surveys In-Store and Online

Ensure your survey reaches all customers, both dine-in and takeout patrons. One effective approach is to generate a QR code for your survey form and place it on tables for on-site diners to complete before departing.

Additionally, include the survey link in order confirmation emails sent to online customers. Incentivizing feedback submission through raffles and rewards can boost response rates and customer loyalty.

3. Visualize and Analyze Survey Results

As responses accumulate, start analyzing the feedback as a whole. We recommend visualizing survey results by question type within the centralized response dataset. Utilize charts, graphs, pie charts, and word clouds to swiftly identify trends and summarize areas for improvement, streamlining the process of extracting insights from extensive responses.

Periodically revisit the survey, especially after implementing previous findings, to assess their effectiveness. Setting up monthly reminders for store managers to review feedback and plan new initiatives can be invaluable.

4. Close the Feedback Loop by Implementing Changes

To ensure the success of your restaurant survey, it’s imperative to act on customer feedback and address their concerns and preferences. Assign received feedback to specific staff members responsible for investigating and resolving customer issues.

This not only enhances service quality but also cultivates stronger customer relationships, as patrons appreciate their opinions being valued.

Key Restaurant Survey Questions

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To ensure your restaurant survey’s success, formulate questions that align with your customer insights goals. Here are examples of questions in each category, with a recommended 1 to 5 rating system for assessing customer experiences:

Restaurant Survey Questions: Overall Experience

1. How likely are you to recommend our restaurant to a friend or family member?
2. Were you satisfied with your experience at our restaurant?
3. How often do you visit our restaurant?

Restaurant Survey Questions: Food Quality and Taste

1. How would you rate the quality of the food you received?
2. Was the food to your liking?
3. How would you rate the variety of food options available?
4. Was the food served at the right temperature?
5. Was the food presented well?

Restaurant Survey Questions: Service

1. How would you rate the attentiveness of our servers?
2. How would you rate the speed of service?
3. Was your server polite and friendly?
4. Did your server check on you regularly?
5. Did your server get your order correct?

Restaurant Survey Questions: Environment

1. How would you rate the cleanliness of our restaurant?
2. Was the restaurant easy to find?
3. Was the restaurant comfortable?

Restaurant Survey Questions: Take-Out Experience

1. How easy was it to place your order online?
2. Was the food packaged well?
3. Was your order completed correctly?
4. Was your order ready on time?
5. Was the food still hot when you received it?

In Conclusion

Restaurant surveys are invaluable tools for enhancing your business and providing superior service to your patrons. By asking the right questions and following the four-step approach outlined in this article, you can gather valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to elevate your restaurant.

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