How To Get More Facebook Likes For Your Page


When people get on social media, one of the main factors that people refer to brands is their credibility. This simply means from the number of followers to posts likes and shares. As dense as this sounds, most people believe what they see.

The same principle applies when it comes to the number of your Facebook page likes. A brand with 100,000 fans can clearly indicate higher popularity and trusts compared to a page that has 1,000 fans. Plus, the more fans a page has, the better and more positive impact it has on the traffic to your landing page or website.

Do you know that even if you have hundreds of thousands of Facebook fan, it does not mean your engagement rate automatically increases? Facebook strictly limits only 6% or less from the total followers to be able to see your posts organically in their news feed. This is because Facebook recommends the business page to start using paid advertisements.

Here are the 7 secrets to getting more Facebook likes to your page! However, this does not only apply to Facebook page, but the overall interaction efforts including your profile updates and posts!

7 Secrets To Getting More Facebook Likes

1. Complete Facebook Page Profile

One of the very first step you must do before encouraging people to like your Facebook page is to complete your Facebook page profile. This means from information such as profile photo, cover to page info (story, category, about, operating hours, contact number etc) should be updated.


2. Invite Your Circle Of Friends, Family, Customers, Partners

Once you have your Facebook page up and going, you should always keep your circle of personal and professional followers updated! Invite them to like your business page, and tell them what they’ll be getting. Offering little perks such as free tips, free trial, discount coupons, exclusive contents and others could drive them to take the action even better.

3. Craft Relevant Content

We cannot stress this enough. Share relevant content that your audience can relate, not what you think it’s can relate. When it comes to content, it is all about fueling their curiosity with your brand’s voice. Content relevance can lead to higher engagement from your audience. For example, if your page is about movies, then share content revolving films; such as reviews, casts interviews, behind-the-scenes and so on.

Always remember, fans follow your page for many reasons. Reading irrelevant content is not one of them!

4. Posting

Posting Frequency
The ideal number of posts is 4-5 times per week because the engagement is 71% greater than posting 1-2 posts per day which is only 40%.

Post Topics
Make a post title that has decent length and easily understood by your audience. A good post title has 100 characters or less. Why? People nowadays don’t have much time. And when they are hungry for content, they seek for the immediate solutions. They must be able to understand what your post is about from a glance of your topic.

Posting Time
The best time to post on your page is when most of your fans are online. Some studies show that the most optimum time to post is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; between 12pm – 3pm. However, don’t fixate on this idea just yet. Because these hours doesn’t mean most of your fans are active. Therefore, it is best that you try posting at different times and see which work best. You could also check this out from your Page Insight.

time-facebookImage source: Sproutsocial

Types of Post
Facebook has increasingly diversified their posting format. From plain text to videos, from gifs to 3D photos, you have many options to try what works best for your audience. Based on your what your Facebook page is about, specific types of post can work better over others. For example, if you run a page that does food review, then videos will engage better with your audience compared to photos.

Try using some emojis in your text (if your page is not too formal about it). This can help to increase interaction with your audience as they prefer to read expressive posts. For an example:

‘Unbelievable! Exabytes is having a Buy 2 + FREE 1 VPS Offer! 😍😍😍’

5. Quizzes, Sweepstakes, Giveaway

You would not believe how effective this way is. Organize quiz every other week on your page to stand a chance and win a prize! You can request your fans to like the post, tag their friends and share the quiz around as one of the requirement to win the prize.

6. Share Post With Quantifiable Titles

Did you know that articles with titles that has numbers are more appealing to reading? For an example ‘6 Content Marketing Secrets You Need To Know‘. Until today, you can often see famous magazines using this trick to build interest for their readers.

7. Run Facebook Ads

As stated above, Facebook limited the number of fans who can see your organic posts. By using paid ads, you can reach a larger audience! With the right targeting and budgeting, you can reach people who like your page, and also people who is totally new to your business. Talk about potential new customers!

We can go on for days talking about Facebook marketing strategies. But for starters, keep these tips in mind and practice them. You will see a difference in your page insights! Stay tuned for our next article. 😉

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