Google AdWords – Much More Powerful than You Might Think (Part 2)


Google AdWords – Much more powerful than you might think *Looking for Part 1? Click Google AdWords – Much More Powerful than You Might Think (Part 1) to read now!

Read NOW and Amazed by the full features of Google AdWords!

I’m sure you will be impressed with point number 4!

4. Drive More Phone Call Inquiries

Did you know mobile users can call your business DIRECTLY via your ads on Google?

4. Drive more phone call inquiries
Phone Extension via Google AdWords

Now imagine this:

Your car breaks down in a foreign town, you need help. But, what can you do to get instant help?

Most people would take out their phone and start Googling, in this case, using keywords such as ‘roadside assistance’, ‘car break down’, etc.

So what if your company show up in Google search results at this very moment?

If your business aims to get more phone inquiries, Google AdWords can definitely help!

Google AdWords can offer you CALL-ONLY CAMPAIGNS that are specially designed to show on smartphone so that your potential customers can reach you immediately!

How Google AdWords Call Campaign Works
How Google AdWords Call Campaign Works

Pretty simple and effective, right?

5. Drive Brand Awareness

Your brand is the single most important investment you make in your business. – Steve Forbes

When it comes to business sustainability and long-term success, branding decides everything.

Google AdWords - Drive Brand Awareness
Most Valuable Malaysian Brands of 2015 [Update: 9 May 2016]

The above table shows the most valuable Malaysian brands of 2015.

Since these brands are so highly regarded, why they are still spending hundred and million of Ringgit to promote themselves?

It’s because they understand the importance of “branding”.

When users remember your brand and associate it with certain products or services, repeat customers and customer loyalty will increase, and your business will grow at a steady pace.

With customized Google ads focusing on brand-engagement campaigns, your business can:

  • Enhance customer brand engagement
  • Build positive brand associations
  • Increase brand loyalty by connecting with your target audience
  • Motivate customers to engage with your brand and its associated products


Before the internet and the introduction of Google Ads, branding is something reserved to big corporations ONLY.

But times have changed. With the power of Google, NOW EVEN SMALL BUSINESSES CAN AFFORD BRANDING!

Unlike running a product promotion, branding takes time for us to see results. But ignoring branding it’s like ignoring customer loyalty, repeat sales and even business sustainability.

Thus it’s really essential to ensure your brand reach a wider audience and grow exponentially.

6. Drive App Downloads

Digital Device Ownership 2016 Malaysia
71% of adults in Malaysia own a smartphone
2016 Internet Use Malaysia
18M Malaysians are active mobile Internet users

According to the reports of ‘We Are Social 2016’, 71% of Malaysian adults have a smartphone and 18M Malaysians are active internet users.

If you wish to promote your app, standing out in the online market (18M is big number) is a challenge.

You already developed a fantastic app, passed all the debugging process and adjusted it till perfect.

The next step, how to drive more traffic to increase more downloads?


Google as the largest search engine in the world provides the biggest channel to promote your app.

Google AdWords allows you to create a campaign dedicated to boosting your app downloads.

It can reach multiple targets and locations via traditional Search Network, Display Network such as YouTube or even re-targeting for Android apps.


People always think that Google Advertising only focuses on search advertising, but it is way more powerful than you might think.

At the end of the day, you might need to rethink the primary marketing objective of your business. Making the right decisions according to your business nature not only save money but also time!

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