How to Stop My Cold Emails from Going to the Gmail Spam Folder


Stop My Cold Emails from Going to the Gmail Spam Folder

Email marketing is one of the successful marketing mediums offering businesses a good sales conversion and is economical in comparison to conventional programs. 

While the success of email marketing is significant, one of the challenges facing email marketing campaigns is the cold calling emails hitting the Gmail spam folders.

Specifically, in the case of bulk email marketing, one of the challenges is the cold email calls reaching the prospective customer group

Even in the case of the reputed email marketing services, the issue of cold emails hitting the Gmail spam folder.

It’s obvious that the email service providers keep changing algorithms to keep the cold emails at bay, and in the case of Gmail, the cold emails are pushed to Gmail spam folders

While the challenges of cold emails are not completely avoided, there are prospective ways in which cold emails can be reaching out to the inbox of your target customers. 

Monitoring the Bounce Rate 

In bulk email marketing campaigns, the scope of cold emails reaching the prospective customer’s inbox is important.

A bounced email is an email message that gets rejected by the email servers for distinct reasons and drops into the Gmail spam folders.

Among the key reasons for the cold emails getting bounced is the issue of poor data quality. Categorically, the email addresses not in existence are the challenge.

Email service providers must track this information of bounce for the cold emails in the bulk email marketing, and to understand the bounce rate issues.

Over bulk email marketing, it is essential to keep the bounce rate below 3%.

Any cold emails bounce rate higher than 3% could trigger the chances of email service providers sending the cold emails to spam folders.

Even in the case of Gmail, cold emails with more than a 3% bounce rate are pushed into the Gmail spam folder.

To avoid these challenges of high bounce rate, choosing reputable data providers and verifying the email lists for accuracy is very important to succeed with cold email-based email marketing.

Review for Any Blacklisting 

In case of a sudden drop off in the performance ratings of the cold emails-based bulk email marketing, one needs to identify if there are issues with a blacklist.

In the instances of email recipients consistently marking or reporting the cold emails from a sender, then such cold emails from the domain shall be marked as spam, and any such cold emails to the Gmail users shall get dropped into the Google spam folder.

Avoid Sending Templated Messages in Cold Emails 

Usage of the templated emails for cold email marketing is an easier option for the resources.

However, the challenges are about understanding the changing times and evolving algorithm models to curtail cold emails.

Rather than working on a template option for cold emails, working on the personalization and relevance in the process of drafting a cold email is important to gain from the bulk cold email campaign.

Despite that such personalization could appear a hectic task for bulk email marketing, certain reputed email marketing service providers are offering the scope of customization to the cold emails.

Relying on such solutions can help in improving the prospects.

Working on segmentation of the customer interests and working better customizations and personalization to the cold email content can transpire the email into a unique email, and to some extent, it can avoid hitting the Google spam folder.

Exclude Links and Images From Cold Emails 

The other important aspect to focus upon in the process is to avoid any kind of links and images included in the email.

With more images or links, the probability of the cold emails reaching the Gmail user’s Google Spam folder or the other email service spam folders is high.

It is advocated that a plain text email signature is good to use effectively, and it can improve the prospects of cold emails reaching to user’s inbox.

Sending Emails outside the ICP 

Sending cold emails that are irrelevant to the recipients can lead to complexities of the cold emails being considered or marked as spam by the email service providers.

In an illustrative scenario, sending a cold email to an email address that is random and has no coherence to the product or service offerings, region, demographics, etc. can gain no attention.

In addition, any increased reports on such emails can lead to the issues of the domain of the cold email getting blacklisted.

Ensuring the Active Call-for-Action 

More often in the case of bulk email campaigns for cold emails, the services are offered as a plain template of communication.

As discussed in the earlier lines, if there are too many links or images, the chances of cold emails being considered for the Google spam folder are high.

Also, in cold emails carrying one odd link, the URL link should be active, genuine, and should be responsive to user clicks.

If the call-for-action pages are being slow in response or do not open properly, or other such issues observed, users might report the emails or mark them as spam, which could again impact the conditions for the email campaign targeting the cold emails.

Monitor the Performance and Process 

For the success of a cold email-oriented bulk email marketing, one of the critical success factors is to have the verified email list, and any additional information possible.

Such information can help in the segmentation of the group, and accordingly, the cold email content can be customized to the requirements.

If businesses can work around such developments and have a focused approach to the cold emails, the issue of emails hitting the Google spam folder can be mitigated.

Also, the right kind of service providers must be chosen for the bulk email campaigns and have a strategic plan in place for executing the cold email campaign.

For more information, assistance, and options for cold email marketing, reach out to the Exabytes Malaysia support team.

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