Exabytes Launches ‘EasyWork’ Mobile App for SMEs


KUALA LUMPUR, 30 March 2018 – The Exabytes Group, a leading website and eCommerce hosting provider in Southeast Asia launches its mobile application ‘EasyWork’ on 1st April 2018. Launched with the slogan “Companies now have a revolutionary way to manage More Than Just Administrative Work!”, EasyWork is a powerful application tool for SMEs and large organisations to manage their workforce, collaboration, employee reward system, and other administrative roles easily on mobile devices — anytime, anywhere.

easywork mobile apps
EasyWork by Exabytes

Practical Benefits and Interesting Features
EasyWork introduces several creative and interesting features for SMEs and larger organizations to simplify tasks, streamline business processes and increase productivity at the same time.

EasyWork by Exabytes Employees
EasyWork by Exabytes

Benefits of EasyWork Mobile for Users

  1. Simplicity – Streamlined and easy to understand – Increase productivity with just a few taps on users’ smart devices.
  2. Sustainability – Save hours of sending and replying employees’ enquiries. EasyWork users can become self-sufficient and keep themselves updated in no time.
  3. Real-Time – Receive instant notification for approvals, requests or even reminders to keep everyone on the team on track.
  4. Easy-to-Use – Navigate with ease as all functions are made to flow seamlessly to provide a better user experience.

The great benefits of easywork to users and sme

Interesting Features

    1. Company Creation
      • Create company profile in the app and invite/add employees
      • Create departments to have an efficient work structure
      • Assign Head of Department for better management
      • Invite employees easily via a link or QR code
    2. Administrative Applications
      • Various applications – from Leave application to Item Requisition forms, Approvers will receive instant notifications so immediate action can be taken.
    3. Clock In & Out Attendance
      • Users are able to clock in and out of work just with a tap on their smartphones. The countdown clock feature keeps track of everything.
    4. Voting Polls
      • Have some fun among colleagues by creating interesting polls. This feature allows users to create both fun and work-related topics for users to interact.
    5. Calendars
      • Sync EasyWork calendar with Google, Windows or any other calendars. The calendar will automatically block off dates from approved submission and appointments.
    6. Rewards
      • Allocate rewards points to peers who have accomplished a request as an appreciation. The accumulated points can be used to redeem amazing items.
    7. Access Levels
      • Assign different access levels to different individuals. Users’ access level can vary and can be adjusted with ease within the application.
    8. Instant Notification
      • Users will receive instant notification regarding any application or request from another party.
exabytes easywork - work made easy
exabytes easywork – work made easy

EasyWork is available for download on both App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit www.easywork.asia.

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