5 Reasons Why You Should Download Exabytes Mobile App Today!


Exabytes Mobile Apps

Exabytes Mobile App

Are you a business owner, or someone who is into the web hosting industry? If you are, you would probably be very familiar with the process of signing up for these services online via your laptop or desktop.

And at times, you would even shop for good hosting deals on your mobile phone.

Unfortunately, some websites are not mobile friendly, and you would have to squirm your eyes to see the navigation and functions. Troublesome, isn’t it?

Well, we have a solution for you!

It’s Exabytes Mobile App! This app comes with powerful features which make signing up for domains and web hosting services incredible fun and easy. And exactly what powerful features are we talking about?

Exabytes Mobile App

High Mobility

  • You can access this app anytime and anywhere. This gives you the opportunity to pounce on special offers or important domain names instantly.

Domain Instant Search & Lock Down

  • You can check domain availability and register right away — faster than you can read from A to Z. You can register a domain instantly without even having to turn on your laptop. Cool, isn’t it?

Streamlined Process

  • The navigation of the app is kept as simple as possible. Every function is made to do exactly what it is supposed to. Users can expect to get familiar with the app within just a few minutes of usage.

Invoice Management

  • In the Invoice interface, there are filters to show which invoice that has been paid or unpaid and cancelled. This will help users to keep their bills up to date to avoid any inconvenience caused by unsettled bills.

Highly Secure

  • With our third party payment gateway integration, you can rest assured that all your personal information will be kept safe. Transactions are performed with a minimum security risk.

Domain Search and Purchasing All Under 1 Minute!

With this mobile app installed on your smartphones, you now have the power to Make Decision and Act right away! Exabytes Mobile App aims to change the way you check domain availability, sign up, and manage your accounts.

It is simple to use, easy to navigate and most importantly saves you plenty of time. Click on the link below to download NOW!


Exabytes Mobile App Android Exabytes Mobile App iOS

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