Be That One Plant Among Thousands to Save Our Earth


Be That One Plant Among Thousands to Save Our EarthExabytes launched its Let’s Plant a Tree campaign with the notion of helping to restore fragmented landscapes of our mother earth.

The campaign kicked-off on April 2022 and will run through 2022, or when we achieved planting of a thousand trees.

This campaign was initiated with an objective  to enhance  the protection of  mother nature  and simultaneously reduce environmental degradation.

By planting more trees, we are  contributing to global reforestation efforts, rebuilding damaged ecosystems, recovering lost forests, and mitigating climate change.

Be That One Plant Among Thousands to Save Our Earth

Exabytes’ Let’s Plant a Tree campaign aims to plant 1000 mangrove saplings in collaboration with The Habitat & Penang Inshore Fishermen Welfare Association.

The reason Mangrove trees were chosen is to be in line with our objective of restoring fragmented landscapes as mangrove tree plays an important part in binding and building soil thanks to its dense roots.

In addition, trees are also the biggest plants on the planet, and they give us oxygen allowing us to breathe, store carbon dioxide, give life to the world’s wildlife and stabilise soil.

Due to deforestation, logging and pollution, the earth is losing its natural resources  causing environmental change.

Be That One Plant Among Thousands to Save Our Earth

Exabytes is calling out to our clients to participate in this good deed by adding-on a mere RM10 Exabytes website to have a tree planted by us on your behalf.

Join forces with us and support Let’s Plant a Tree campaign to restore our environment. To make this campaign successful, clients’ support is much-needed in order to achieve our aim of planting 1000 trees in 2022 for the betterment of the environment.

As a token of appreciation, every contribution to plant a tree with our  Let’s Plant A Tree campaign comes with a certificate that will be awarded to you.

Clients who wish to participate and support tree-planting can select the option of “Add-on – Plant A Tree” when you check out on our website or log in to your client account to purchase an add-on “Plant A Tree”.

This add-on is applicable to all products and services except domain purchases.

Let's Plant a tree and save our earth

Exabytes encourages our clients to make a small contribution for our environment by taking part in this campaign.

We hope that with the support of our clients, Let’s Plant a Tree campaign can achieve its goal that will be beneficial for our environment in the future.

Here at Exabytes, we are taking the environment, social and governance (ESG) issue seriously and our Let’s Plant a Tree campaign is the measures taken to maintain sustainability.

We are aware that as a company it is our duty to give back to the nature that we have been utilising.

The initiative of planting a small seed today will lead the way to producing a mighty Mangrove tree in the future.

It is necessary that we give care to our mother nature in order to enjoy the perks it offers such as home to animals, food, water and replenishing the atmosphere’s oxygen.

Be That One Plant Among Thousands to Save Our Earth, environment

According to the New Straits Times, Malaysia is currently facing frequent landslides and flood problems due to the inclement weather and illegal land clearing.

These recent happenings must be taken seriously, and all parties concerned to preserve and protect Malaysia’s natural environment should take immediate action.

As such, Exabytes is contributing its part by carrying out activities that will be helpful for the environment and Let’s Plant A Tree is one of our initiatives.

Grab this opportunity now to do your part in contributing to the well-being of our mother nature before it’s too late.

Your support and kindness will allow Exabytes to make this campaign successful.

For corporate partners who wish to join forces and partner Exabytes in this campaign under your company name, kindly send us an email to [email protected] to further discuss the matter.