Important Scam Announcement

It has come to our attention of an existence of a FRAUD Facebook page in the name of ‘EXABYTES MARKETING GROUP’ impersonating or claiming to represent as Exabytes Group.

We wish to inform that neither Exabytes Group nor any of its subsidiaries within the Group of Companies has authorised offering a part time job that comes with a commission and this act is intended to mislead the public into believing that the Facebook page above mentioned are from authorised Exabytes Group.

Please reject any such request that offers a part time job and be alert and do not fall victim of any scam.

Please be informed that Exabytes Group official business information is published only via the following official platforms:

  • Official Website

  • Facebook Account:

Exabytes Malaysia

Exabytes Singapore

Exabytes Indonesia

Exabytes US

Exabytes Digital

We wish to alert members of the public that this is a scam, and the individual does not represent Exabytes Group’s interests.

Relevant authorities have been informed of this matter and investigations are currently ongoing.

Should you need verification on any information received about Exabytes Group, please kindly contact us through the above-mentioned social media pages or websites.

Exabytes Group would like to reinstate that this Facebook Page ( is not related in any way to Exabytes Group or any company within Exabytes Group.

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