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Environment. Social. Governance.

Giving care to our environment and community and ensuring good governance within the company,
with external business partners as well as amongst employees.



Taking into consideration the climate change the world is facing today, at Exabytes, we believe that caring for the environment is as important as caring for ourselves. Specific measures are taken into account in the operations of the company to lessen the carbon footprint that will contribute to our environment.


Paperless practise

Paperless practise across the office, implemented in all Exabytes offices across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

digital resources

Digital Resources

As a digital company, Exabytes adopts the practice of working with digital resources to avoid the unnecessary use of paper and carbon

save earth

Save Our Earth

Exabytes launch initiatives to protect our earth with our employees and clients. We place the care for our earth as a part of our lives.



As a leading company in Southeast Asia, Exabytes is not only passionate about what we do best, but also the process of supporting, nurturing and empowering our community. Numerous campaigns and activities are organised throughout the year at Exabytes to address the need of our community.


FoodBank.Digital was launched to give support to families who are in need of food during the severe period of the pandemic hit

Digitalise Penang Digitalise Singapore

Digitalise Penang for Youth and Digitalise Singapore for Youth are a campaign to nurture youths of Malaysia and Singapore by sponsoring them with digital resources to grow their digital knowledge and online presence


Accelerate Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes is a campaign launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day to empower women entrepreneurs in building their business and seeing their business grow online


#ExabytesWeCare is an initiative to assist, give and contribute back to the people of our society and give support to NGOs or not-for-profit organisations to build their online presence as well as enhance their organisation's awareness and visibility


Forging a strong business relationship with Cyber Youth Singapore to nurture and empower youths in Singapore digitally


Working closely with Infocomm Media Development Authority: IMDA to give knowledge and resources support to the community in Singapore


We lead by example to the public, and we lead by example internally. Good governance is a core practice
the company and our employees adopt to ensure transparency and avoid unwanted practices such as bribery, illegal matters etc.


Transparency of accounts

Transparency of accounts that are reported weekly to the Head of Departments and monthly to the company’s investor


Governance training

Good Governance training is a compulsory module for all newly-joined candidates to the company to attend, comprehend and practise

Upcoming ESG Activities





  • Monthly good governance training to internal staff

Exabytes ESG Initiatives

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