8 Essentials Marketing Tools for Affiliate Marketing


8 Essentials Marketing Tools for Affiliate Marketing

The idea of working around the world without setting a work schedule sounds appealing.

Who wouldn’t like it?

At some point in your life, you may have thought about escaping the 9 to 5 grind and starting a small business to become your own boss. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning at your preferred time and working on a laptop within your reach or from anywhere in the world.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to realize your dreams. If you are passionate about blogging and want to profit from your website, then affiliate marketing is your ideal choice.

The catch with affiliate marketing is that success doesn’t come easy. The term success here refers to the affiliate earnings that can make you quit your job and turn to affiliate marketing as a full-time business.

So, how do you build a successful affiliate marketing business, and how do you boost your affiliate sales conversion? You need to start with the right tools.

Winning in the field of affiliate marketing can be tricky. We highlighted the essentials affiliate marketing tools that will help you succeed.

8 Essentials Marketing Tools for Affiliate Marketing

1. SEMRush

SEMrush is definitely an essential SEO marketing tools for affiliate marketing.

Regardless of whether you are a small business or a well-known business, every company needs to develop a quality strategy to rank high on search engines to obtain free organic traffic.

If you are an SEO expert, you most likely use SEMrush or similar tools every day. SEMrush is a multifunctional digital marketing software that can help you improve your website’s ranking in SERPs.

By using SEMrush, you can:

  • Find the best-performing competitor content you should procreate
  • Monitor your keywords ranking every week
  • Conduct an SEO audit to look out for website issues that may damage your website search rankings
  • Monitor news reports
  • Analyze backlinks

Pricing (Billed Annually):

  • Free: very limited that you can do
  • Pro: US$99.95/ month
  • Guru: US$191.95/ month
  • Business: US$374.95/ month
  • Enterprise: Custom flexible plan

2. Rank Math

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your content and website according to SEO best practices.

However, these types of WordPress plugin have always been ubiquitous. Therefore, it may be difficult to know which one you should install on your website.

The Rank Math plugin can help you optimize your content to make them better than your competitors. Moreover, the beauty of the plugin is that it provides all the advanced features of the Yoast plug-in for free.

marketing tools for affiliate marketing - rank math

Rank Math also has a rich summary, 404 monitor XML sitemap, redirection manager, AMP, local SEO, etc.

Main features:

  • Easy-to-follow installation wizard
  • SEO analysis and optimization
  • Optimized for speed
  • Clean and minimal user interface
  • Support Centre


  • Free
  • Pro: US$59/ year
  • Business: US$199/ year

3. Grammarly

For those who regularly publish content on their affiliate websites, grammar is essential. With Grammarly’s AI assistant, you can write unmistakable works.

It does not only indicate spelling errors. It can also identify grammatical errors, such as incorrect words and punctuations.

You can use the free version of this tool. However, the paid version provides a more comprehensive content review function.

We recommend installing the Grammarly Chrome extension on your browser so that the app will auto-correct your grammar and spelling.

Grammarly is a must-have tool for affiliate marketers and content creators.

Main Features:

  • Punctuation errors & suggestions
  • Spelling errors & suggestions
  • Grammatical errors & suggestions
  • Genre-specific writing style checks


  • Free
  • Premium: US$11.66/ month
  • Teams: US$12.50/ member/ month

4. DupliChecker

For most affiliate marketers who write blogs, it can solve problems related to content quality and plagiarism.

Writers can use free functions such as text analysis, web management, keyword research, IP tools, SEO, domain tools, and improve and review the quality of their content.

Marketing tools for affiliate marketing - Duplichecker

Duplichcker is a free and must-have app for affiliate marketers and content creators, and it is still popular among most writers who need to quickly check their content.


5. Exabytes

For those who lack a strong IT or website development background, Exabytes is an affordable and reliable hosting option that provides many additional benefits.

Pricing is relatively cheaper than other popular hosting service providers such as A2 Hosting and Hostgator. Exabytes provides the following functions in addition to hosting:

  • Auto Backup (so if something goes wrong, you can contact the technical team to restore for you)
  • Free SSL certificates for each site you set up in their hosting plan
  • Advanced website security protection


6. TinyJPG

The bounce rate will increase by 50% for every 2 seconds the website loads. In other words, slower websites lose money.

Okay, but how to improve the speed of the website?

Image compression.

Image compression is one of the most effective ways to increase the speed of a site. Image compression can remove extra pixels in the image to reduce the size of the image file.

Marketing tools for affiliate marketing - TinyPng

TinyJPG is the best image compression tools can do this without sacrificing image quality.

We have tested about 10 image compression tools, and TinyJPG is our favorite, and it’s free too!


7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media marketing and management platform that provides users with various useful functions.

Marketing tools for affiliate marketing - Hootsuite

The tool supports many social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. This makes Hootsuite a very powerful tool and a great choice for managing social media.

In addition, you can also access analytical reports, plans and planning tools, which will greatly reduce your social media marketing burden.

One of the easiest strategies to start your affiliate marketing journey is to use social media.

Therefore, Hootsuite is definitely worth investing your time and resources to achieve outstanding results.


  • Free trial 30 days
  • Professional: US$19/ month
  • Team: US$99/ month
  • Business: US$599/ month
  • Enterprise: Custom Solutions

8. Google Analytics

As an affiliate marketer, you may already have a personal website, blog or YouTube channel.

Google Analytics allows you to analyze your business data, whether it’s your website visits, conversion tracking or audience statistics. This information may ultimately affect your business decisions and greatly improve your efficiency as a marketer.

Do you want to see exactly which of your affiliate marketing campaigns and activities are more effective than other affiliate marketing activities?

UTM parameters will help you do this and ensure that your efforts are never in vain.

Setting up UTM with Google Analytics is very simple, and it can help you determine exactly which newsletter, YouTube video or guest blog post your traffic comes from.


  • Free
  • Analytics 360: Custom

What next? Of course, all the tools listed here are just a small part of the software that can help you improve your affiliate marketing performance.

However, these tools have been tested and verified to help you save time and monetize traffic faster.

To learn more about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, check out our other affiliate marketing strategies.


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