Merry Christmas! Exabees Christmas Deco 2018


It’s that time of the year! Jolly music, perfectly ripened fruitcakes and lots and lots of laughter. While it may be just the holiday season around, there is a lot going on in Exabytes!

Apart from our usual Frifast (Friday morning breakfast), we’ve got sweet ‘angels’ going around in the office where they surprise their colleagues with little treats and notes. And that’s not all!

What really happened in the office will really surprise you! Exabytes is having a Christmas Deco contest among Exabees and holy, the results are jaw-dropping! From adorable snowman to romantic fairy lights, we wish these decorations are up all year long! Take a look at the different teams’ deco:

Team R – Sales & Digital Team 1

Team T – Sales & Digital Team 2

Team T – Sales & Digital Team 3

Team F – Exabees Jakarta Team

Team K – Exabees Setiawalk Puchong Team

Team E – Finance & Admin Team 

Team C & D – Customer Service Team

Team G – Creative & Marketing Team

Team A – Technical Team

So, how are the judging criteria like?

  1. Fun + Happy + Celebration elements = 20%
  2. Creativity = 20%
  3. Team Work = 20%
  4. Budget Management = 20% (the lowest cost the better)
  5. Exabees Votes = 20%

We can’t wait to see which team will triumph as the winner! We hope these creative souls hard work and effort can inspire you for the upcoming Christmas celebration. So, which team’s decoration do you like best? Let us know!

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