Business Email: How Professional Email Hosting Benefits You


Professional Business Email Hosting

Business email is a basic necessity of most modern and online businesses. Free email providers do give you an email, but they cannot be relied on for professional services and company mail unless you buy a paid plan.

An email server is also named mail server. We explained this application or computer system as your virtual post office. The server handles incoming mail from sender to recipient and delivers outgoing messages.

Email hosting or Business Emails as a Service (BEaaS) offers specially curated plans focused on emails. It is particularly beneficial for businesses that primarily rely on email as their mode of communication.

Email domain is that part of an email address that comes after @ symbol and represents the website it’s associated with. For all business purposes, companies most probably look for domain.

What is an example of business email address?

You can make use of your own domain name to create email ID in a professional manner. If you own a website name, for example your company domain name is

You will own a email address like [email protected] or [email protected], which looks more trustworthy than [email protected].

How to get an email domain?

To get your own a desired email domain, one needs to have three things: A domain name, website and a hosting subscription.

Most web hosting providers bundle email hosting as a part of the package but plans and features may vary.

You can get the best business email hosting services in Malaysia if you aim to target localized customer audiences.

What features should be offered in business email by email providers?

The ability to sync emails across multiple devices (hand phone, tablet, laptop), shared contacts and calendars, shared work space and audio visual chats would be some of the advantages of a business email service compared to a typical shared hosting service.

The Five Most Powerful Advantages of Business Email Hosting

Email Hosting

1. More Space and Regular Backups

Business email needs more space than regular email boxes. This is simply to accommodate the large exchange of emails between customers and the online business.

At Exabytes, we offer 25GB storage space per business email user.

2. On Demand Anywhere Email Access

Be it in office, or travelling for work; business emails should be available to be accessed from anywhere in the world across platforms i.e. a web browser or an email app.

Professional business email service offer this as a basic feature for premium business users.

3. Advanced Security

For businesses dependent on email communications, security and protection of their messages is a high priority.

Business email hosting almost always comes with a list of security features including SSL certificates, email spam filtering and instant back-ups.

4. More uptime and dedicated email service

Hosting servers which only run emails as a service on them have lesser load and stress because of which they perform better.

To give an example – Exabytes host 40 or lesser domains on a server. This automatically ensures optimal or high level output, greater speeds and uptime.

5. Improved brand image

Sending out emails from same professional email address enables one to appear professional and maintain a brand consistency and be recognized.

If your target audience are unable to connect with you, then you may lose out on certain sale leads.

What Should You Be Cautious of When Using Business Email Account?

Getting started with an email domain isn’t tough but often mistakes may creep in when setting up email accounts.

Some of the most common errors committed include:

  1. It is ideal to sign-up for a paid, reliable business email hosting services to make it more formal, and have minimal chances of technical issues.
  2. Set a formal, proper name to the email accounts that you create in the business email id. This improves the brand identity, brand recognition and helps shape the brand’s professional image.
  3. Avoid signing up to social networks and hobby websites using the business email id. This will lead to spamming of business email account and leakage of confidential information.
  4. Avoid skipping aliases and relying on staff email addresses only. It’s at times good creating specific function based email ids like creating a sales@ alias for your website-driven enquiries instead of posting the sales manager’s name. This allows for work to be picked up instantly by anyone who is online than wait for the specific person. Aliases are free and unlimited and are a great way for new businesses to look a bit bigger and protect themselves against miscommunication due to staff turnover.
  5. It is a good idea to avoid relying on the ISP’s email solution like [email protected] or [email protected]. Never link your business email to a specific provider else when one tries to relocate the business to an area where the specific ISP doesn’t serve, errors can crop up.
  6. Avoid changing email domain too often as the business contacts are maintained and retained for long. If you keep changing the email domain and not update all the contacts, you may perhaps lose some possible prospects and conversations.
  7. Do not forget to specify sender names and profile pictures.  Most of the desktop email clients and webmail interfaces display the sender’s name in the inbox. It is important to display your business and brand name to the recipient.
  8. Keep your email domain and names short so most people can remember the business email address. Try keeping the domain in sync with what you do so it is easy to recall. Be considerate to your correspondents and avoid typos by choosing a short domain and email ids for your business email. Make sure to keep the email domain same as the business domain.

Here’s Why Professional Email Address Is Essential for Your Business

  • A business email address gives a professional image.
  • Business email accounts are easy to remember and is short.
  • Legitimacy is attained by the business with a professional business email address. It also helps you earn customer’s trust.
  • Brand promotion is easy due to brand recall when you send emails with the same domain name as the business.

Why Exabytes Email Hosting?

Exabytes is one of the most reliable email hosting service providers in Malaysia. Our email hosting Malaysia is built to scale and adapt with your business needs.

Their cheap custom email deals ensures that you get a professional communication interface with your customers, friends and family.

It works perfectly across all devices and allows for maximum flexibility.

Custom email addresses can be created. Team collaboration and team workspaces for internal and external collaboration is feasible for professional communications and conduct.

Look up our EBIZ Mail Pro plans which start as low as RM 16.19 per month!

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