Are You Ready to Scare & Be Scared This Halloween?


halloween greeting

Haunted houses, scary pumpkins, eerie ghost stories, crazy costumes, plastic skeletons, ARE YOU READY FOR HALLOWEEN?!

It’s another great Halloween season, the official time for you to have some real fun scaring people and be scared!

(BONUS: no one will get angry after you scare them)

The worry of tooth decay is obviously pointless for children as many will indulge in the craziest candy feast and the fun of Trick-or-Treating!

Well, below are a few suggestions from Exabees on how to enjoy the season to the fullest:

  • Pull some pranks on your friends, the ones that send shivers down their spines
  • Enjoy a scary movie with your friends and family; I know my all-time favourite is “The Conjuring”
  • Dress up as ghosts or ghouls and anything gooey! “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” ~ Mason Cooley

If you some time to spare, why not post some photos of yours on Halloween on our Facebook wall?

Exabees would be glad to see how scary or how scared you are!

Have fun!

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