Essential SEO Tools Every SEO Expert Should Know


SEO tools that every SEO expert should know

Digital marketing has become a vital aspect of sales & marketing, and companies across the industrial sectors rely on digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) to manage their reach to the target groups.

Among the search engine process, Google ranks top in terms of managing search engine optimization.

Be it the local SEO Malaysia or the global SEO tools, Google Analytics helps the users with more insights into the search engine rankings, keyword performance, and Google Ads performance.

Google Analytics Site Search Report

However, with the increasing veracity of the services, and the pressing need for SEO services to be improved, the role of SEO tools in managing the whole process of improve search engine results becomes significant.

There are many sets of search engine optimization tools available in the public domain and depending on whether the process is managed as an in-house service or by the SEO expert team outsourcing, the software and tools can help make informed decisions.

The prime advantage of SEO tools is about minimizing the efforts of the tedious keyword research process, and the data analysis.

Many search engine optimization tools can support managing the descriptive and predictive analysis of how the SEO strategy is working for the benefit of the business.

Some of the comprehensive SEO software help the businesses in having the right kind of strategic report generation like the comparison to the competitors, and towards a significant number of opportunities.

Dissection of the analysis can happen basis the regions or languages or target market specifics, and the performance countries specific.

For businesses having more than one website or for agencies handling multiple client requirements for SEO services, depending on the software can support improved quality of analysis, and report sharing to clients efficiently.

Usage of the proper quality SEO tools and Google Analytics solutions can help in improving the accuracy of analysis and support the decision teams with quality data for analysis.

Some of the essential search engine optimization SEO tools the teams should consider in the analysis are:

Ahref SEO Keyword Tools

Ahrefs Keyword Research

Among the most recommended and popular SEO tools online and is among the top performers in terms of largest website crawlers.

The site audit feature of Ahref is among the top preference of experts, for the range of features in its SEO tools kit.

Ahref, one of the SEO tool in Malaysia highlights the need for improvements in the websites, to ensure better ranking in the search engines.

Also, the other key advantage of the Ahref is its feature for competitive analysis, wherein the agencies or users can identify the competitor backlinks which can be resourceful for planning the brand’s backlink considerations.

In content management, which is a critical element for SEO management, Ahref helps in checking and fixing broken links of the website and managing best-performing pages.

Google Search Console

seo google search console

Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster) is another relative and highly effective SEO tool for users managing search engine optimization.

Be it for Google Analytics or other integral reports, Google Search Console supports monitoring and reporting the website’s presence over Google SERP.

The key advantage of Google Search Console is its features wherein once the website is verified by adding the code or applying Google Analytics, the Google Search Console submits the sitemap for indexing purposes.

The Google Search Console is highly resourceful for managing the indexing and representation analysis of the website in the search engine process.

As a SEO checker, GSC provides a holistic view of how the optimization and performance of the Google search and Google analytics results can be handled.

For the new websites, the need and purpose of indexing are high, and the application of Google Search Console as an search engine optimization tools kit can be very effective.


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Among the SEO professionals, one of the important tools used popularly is SEMRush, which helps in easy access to assess the ranking and identity changes essential.

In addition to the main value-added service in SEMRush as an SEO tool is its Domain vs Domain analysis, wherein it helps the users to focus on comparing the website to the competitor websites.

Such analytical reports can be resourceful for SEO experts to understand the traffic, competition, keywords, and domains.

Also, the on-page SEO checker supports easy monitoring of the rankings and recommendations on the scope for performance improvement.


Among the best SEO tools listed, Moz Pro has its place as the preferred tools of SEO professionals.

It is preferred the professionals, for its special performance in terms of its up-to-date service model despite any number of changes to the Google algorithm.

Insightful responses to the questions, combined with facilitations for understanding the keyword recommendations, the SEO tools kit of Moz Pro is superior.

The free MozBar toolbar can be downloaded to watch the website’s Google Analytics kind of metrics.

MozCon the annual conference is the value proposition for professionals using the Moz Pro.


Known among the effective SEO tool options, it helps well in tracking the performance, and in reporting the marketing data.

One can plug in the competitor data for identifying comparative analysis of various keywords being resourceful and overlapping with the competitor profiling.

In-depth analysis into various levels of keywords performance help in identifying the areas of improvement essential and in managing any kind of duplicates, security issues if any requiring actions.

The Google Analytics reporting structure with this SEO tool can be handy for professionals.

Choosing the quality SEO Tools can help professionals in mitigating the risks of inaccurate reports and performance.

Many other solutions available in the public domain as SEO Tools like UberSuggest and SpyFu are some of the other new age search engine optimization tools resourceful for businesses.

Reach out to team Exabytes Malaysia to know more about the SEO strategy and best practices, and how various SEO services subscription plans can be supportive for the overall management of the SEO process within the organization.

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