15 Signs Your Business Is Under Cyber Attacks & How to Fight Them


Signs your business under cyber attacks

Despite the continued prevalence of disruption and damage, spying has replaced hacktivism as the second most important motivation for cyber attacks, after financial gain. Whatever the reason, many security teams face trouble maintaining the security of their IT systems.

According to Kaspersky data, Malaysia’s threat detection increased by 33% in 2020 and 26% in 2021.

Last year, 71% of the over 10,000 cyber security threats reported to MyCERT were fraud-related, with infiltration attempts and harmful code rounding out the top three cyber security threats.

Incident Statistics 2021

Reminder here: Download Statistics Report from MyCERT

Most antimalware solutions keep an eye on program behaviors, often known as heuristics, to identify malware and cyber security threats that have previously gone undetected.

For more accuracy, some applications employ virtualized environments, system monitoring, network traffic detection, and all of the above.

Still, cyber security threats consistently let us down.

Here are 15 signs your business is under cyber attack

Receive a bogus antivirus message

Warning message laptop

When one faces a cyber attack, the computer or mobile device displays a cyber security threat popup warning that it is contaminated with a dozen or more malware infections on their machine and poses as an antivirus scanning program.

Shut the tab and restart the browser to prevent such types of cyber attacks.

A ransomware message arrives

An abrupt screen takeover that informs the user all their data is encrypted and requests cash to unlock it is one of the scariest cyber security issues anybody may see on their computer.

Steps to take – At such types of cyber attacks scenarios restore the affected systems and completely verify to ensure the recovery was 100% successful if you have a solid, current, and tested data backup of the affected systems.

Install malicious browser toolbars

Most browsers have several new toolbars with titles that seem to imply the toolbar is intended to aid, which is a typical indicator of cyber attack.

Steps to take – To solve this cyber security issue, one needs to evaluate installed and active toolbars in browsers. Any that you did not wish to install, remove. Take it out if you’re unsure.

The web searches have been forwarded

Many hackers are able to succeed in cyber attacks by sending the browser in a direction that one doesn’t want to go in.

With these types of cyber attacks, the hacker is compensated by receiving your clicks on someone else’s website.

To prevent this type of cyber security threat, evaluate installed and active toolbars in browsers and remove the unwanted ones.

Frequently observe sporadic popups

This is a common indication that the website has been under cyber security threat is also one of the most unpleasant ones.

The system may have a cyber security issues if one suddenly starts seeing random browser pop-ups from websites that don’t typically produce them.

To get rid of the pop-ups, one needs to remove fake toolbars and other apps to prevent these types of cyber attacks.

You don’t send social media invites to your friends, but they do

In this cyber security threat, the hacker in charge of the social media site, has built a second fake website that is remarkably similar to yours, or you or your buddy have installed a malicious cyber security threat social media program.

Switch to multi-factor authentication (MFA) to make it difficult for cyber attackers to steal and take over social media profile.

Invalid online password 

Invalid login passwords

If the internet password isn’t functioning  even when entered correctly, there may be a possibility of a cyber security threat.

Get in touch with online service to report hacking of service. Nowadays, the majority of online sites offer quick ways or email addresses to report cyber security threats.

See unexpected software installations

Software installations that are unwanted or unexpected are a clear indication that the computer is facing cyber security issues.

Most apps allow users to view all installed cyber security threat programs and remove them individually.

The mouse switches between applications and makes selections

It is a sign of cyber security issues if the mouse pointer moves by itself while making choices that are effective.

To resolve this issue, call the experts, disconnect the system from the network, or turn off the wireless router. 

Antivirus, Task Manager, or Registry Editor are not running

There is a malicious cyber attack compromise if the antivirus program is disabled on its own indicating a cyber security threat.

Complete a restore when you face cyber security issues and don’t know what has happened.

The online account has insufficient funds

When online criminals perform these types of cyber attacks, they don’t steal a little money but transfer frequently to a bank or foreign exchange.

To prevent this type of cyber security threat, activate transaction alerts to get SMS messages when something out of the ordinary occurs. You can set transaction thresholds at many banks.

Someone informed you that you had been hacked

informed you had been hacked

In these types of cyber attacks, notification through an unaffiliated third party is one of the main ways that any company learns if they have been effectively breached, much like a reporter calling to confirm the news.

Until it is certain that one has been effectively compromised and are under cyber attack, make sure everyone slows down.

If this is confirmed, adhere to the prepared incident response strategy, like bank emergency number or company security experts.

The login information is in a password dump

login private information and passwords

On the internet and the dark web, there are billions of legitimate login credentials leaked through cyber attacks. Usually, phishing, malware, or website database breaches have made them vulnerable.

Reset all login credentials after first making sure the dump doesn’t contain any credentials that are already in use.

Private information has been exposed

Confidential information from the company exposed on the internet or dark web is the best evidence that the website has been under cyber security threat.

In this type of cyber security issues, sensitive information may be leaked out with the hackers having access to a company’s data but, in reality, had nothing sensitive.

Notice odd patterns of network traffic

One is under cyber attack when one sees that strange, unexpected network traffic patterns have led to the discovery of several compromises. It may have been a damaging distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber attack on the web servers for the business.

Cut off the network connection and begin an IR investigation when any unexpected, odd traffic is observed.

Cyber attack security teams may take measures to safeguard users from cyber security threats and the network from the majority of cyber attacks when it comes to protecting cloud services, emails, and the larger network.

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