NO MORE Unwanted Emails with This SUREFIRE Tool


no more unwanted email with this surefire tool

Do You Received Unwanted Email?

Let us help you solve this. Email spam are like irritating dead bugs that float around inside your email inbox. Some emails are attached with malicious links or viruses that will ruin your mailbox.

However, with the help of “SpamAssassin”, you have an automated email filtering system that uses a variety of techniques to identify and filter email spam effectively.

Once it is enabled on cPanel, it works wonders in reducing the unwanted emails in your email accounts.

How Does SpamAssassin Work?

SpamAssassin uses scores rate algorithms to help users determine spam emails and get them to manage spam more effectively.  It helps you screen each incoming email and gives each of them a score based on spam characteristics.

Once determined, users can mark incoming emails with certain scores to a specific folder, or choose to delete them automatically.

Here are the steps to configure and enable this function;

Step 1: Login to your cPanel.

Step 2: Go to Email categories and search for “Apache SpamAssassin.

Apache Spam Assassin

Step 3: Click on the “Enable SpamAssassin” button at the bottom of the page to enable SpamAssassin.

** If you are hosted with us, our new configuration for Apache SpamAssassin by default is set to enabled.

Apache Spam Assassin

Step 4: Apache SpamAssassin Configuration

Apache Spam Assassin


Click Save to store your changes.

  1. To add more than five addresses to the blacklist or whitelist, enter addresses in the first five text boxes and click Save. Additional text boxes will appear.
  2. When you add addresses to the blacklist or whitelist, use * as a wildcard to represent multiple characters and ? to represent a single-character wildcard. The following examples demonstrate how to properly use wildcards in the blacklist:

[email protected]Blacklist or whitelist a single email address.

* — Blacklist or whitelist all of the addresses at

[email protected]Blacklist or whitelist a single character in an address at (for example, [email protected], but not [email protected]).

If you interested to know more about Anti-Spam Solution, please visit our SpamExperts to protect yourself from spam, viruses, phishing email and malware links.

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