Tips To Do Well In Your SMS Marketing Campaigns


Tips To Do Well In Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Get results! It’s Time to Optimize your SMS marketing campaigns

Use branded links to link to your site

According to Rebrandly, a 39% increase in click-through rate can be expected when branded links are used instead of generic short links because a branded link marks the message as being related to your brand.

It is one of the important components you should consider with your SMS marketing campaigns for security and reassurance. In the perception of the recipient, a branded link means they would be directed to a specific and secure website.

Branded Link


Target your Text Messages

It is important to target your text messages to the right customers by segmenting them. With advanced SMS marketing tools, now you can send out messages based on demographics, purchase history, and even location.

Famous brands like Pizza Hut and Kiehls had created successful SMS marketing campaigns by segmenting their customers based on location. They used SMS geofencing to target the messages to customers who were within a half-mile radius of their store locations.

Kiehl’s encourages its customers to sign up for their SMS campaign/text alerts and send them offers based on location. This saw 73% of the people who signed up for the SMS campaign actually went to bought something from Kiehl’s.


With precise targeting, both companies tested and concluded that SMS campaigns are more effective in conversions than advertisement on online platforms.

Set up Triggered Messages

With an SMS campaign, you can target your customers to trigger their actions or inaction. This is a way to interact continually with your customers.

If your customers just started to buy a product or service from you, you can send an appreciation SMS just to thank them or welcome them into your business area.

With existing customers, it can be used to keep the interaction going with offers/promos of related products or services.

For example, a person just signed up for a local gym:


The person stopped going to the gym when motivation waned, and it received an encouraging text from the gym.


Once membership lapsed, the gym started to send special offers for her to join again:


Although these text messages may sound a lot to the customers, sending triggered messages is still an effective way for you to keep interacting with them even they did not reply.

Remember, at least you’re giving additional information on related things or promotional offers that may convince the customers to take extra products or services from you.

Get the Right Timing

Unlike email notifications on our smartphone, our phone buzzes with the arrival of an SMS message. We usually have our phone by our side and would check the SMS especially when they are accompanied by a notification.

Thus by sending emails we may not need to consider timing because customers usually receive a lot of emails throughout the day and wouldn’t be looking at each of them.

That is to say, with SMS marketing campaigns, if you choose the right timing wisely, you are able to prompt the recipient to have a look.

For example, if someone gets a text just after dinner time, he or she might actually open it and have a look compared with if the text is sent out during working hours or midnight.

According to Text Marketer, an SMS service provider in the UK, sending your customers an SMS at the end of the working week tends to get high open rate with an increase by 44% on a Friday as compared to weekdays.

KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)

As the name suggests, SMS (Short Messaging Service), should always be short, simple, and straight to the point. No one would want to read a long, spammy kind of SMS.

In today’s digital age, we receive tons of information every day. Thus a long text message might not be able to keep your recipients’ attention very well.

Remember with SMS marketing, every message is meant to sent out straight to the point for easy understanding of the recipient.

Include a Call To Action

It’s important to include a strong Call To Action in the end of the SMS to prompt them to look for more details in the branded link given. Tell your customers about a great new offer and include a call to action such as “Click here” or “Grab it here” for them to make the move.

For example, your SMS can sound like: Grab 35% OFF on any purchase until Sunday. Buy Now: affordable SMS marketing

Use URL Destination Redirects

SMS marketing tools offer the handiest features for SMS marketing campaigns. You can change the destination URL of your links. In case someone in the marketing team makes a mistake and links to the wrong place in your message, it can be fixed easily.

Or if the link of a special offer has expired, and you realize that not many would open that message anymore, you can redirect the link to the latest offer.

So if by any chance someone reopens or just happens to open the old SMS, they will be redirected to the latest offer.

Replace Sender’s ID with Your Brand Name

With this feature in SMS marketing, you can easily gain trust when your customers receive an SMS from your brand name and not an anonymous number.

Moreover, you don’t have to mention your brand name again in the text. This feature improves your brand visibility and open rate.

Personalize your Messages

You can blast a big number of SMS to your existing customers by addressing their name in the text message. Make your customers feel valued and appreciated.

Track and Monitor Your Campaign

With short URLs used in the SMS, we can track the result with UTM parameters, which links to Google Analytics. Google Analytics can show you which SMS campaigns are doing well with high click-through rate and engagement.

With this powerful feature, we can always optimize the next SMS campaign and improve every single time.

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