Top 5 Benefits of Real Estate Using Bulk SMS Marketing in Malaysia


Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing for Real Estate

Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the important marketing strategies in promoting real estate property. It is important to follow bulk SMS marketing strategies to keep up with the pace of competition in the real estate industry.

According to the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA), for the sale and/or purchase of land/buildings within Malaysia, the agent’s commission fees are set at a maximum of 3% of the property’s sales price.

By using bulk SMS in the real estate industry, information can be transmitted immediately.

In this regard, SMS Marketing provides property agents with an effective platform to promote and gets their work done without digging deep into their pocket.

Plus reaching your customers using SMS services is one of the most innovative and cheapest ways. Since everyone’s mobile phone has a default SMS system, information can be transmitted immediately.

There are 42.93 million mobile subscribers in Malaysia, accounting for 139% of the total population. Thus there is no denying that SMS marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach customers.

Smartphones or not, everyone has a text message system installed on their phones, so messages can be delivered to them almost immediately.

Eager to learn more? Let’s find out the benefits of SMS marketing, in particular, to real estate agents.

1. We All Tend to Open Text Messages in Real Life

SMS are usually read within the first 5 minutes, making it the fastest way to reach your potential customers.

Unlike your email inbox, your SMS inbox will not be overwhelmed by marketing messages, and that’s why people tend to open it instantly when they receive a text message.

Malaysia property developers and agents can use SMS services to send notifications about upcoming launches and new property developments. 

By using SMS marketing, Malaysia property agents and developers can enjoy a higher click-through rate.

Emails can easily get lost in newsletters, invoices and promotional materials, and this is exactly what you want to avoid.

Based on a report by GetResponse, the average open rate for email marketing in Southeast Asia is 26% with a 4.9% Click-through Rate (CTR).

2. Bulk SMS is Cost-Effective 

Many property agents in Malaysia tend to promote the property using Facebook marketing, which is way more expensive when compared with Bulk SMS.

Bulk messages are easy to send, and each text message costs only a few cents. This can bring a high return on investment for property agents in Malaysia.

You will most likely be charged based on the number of messages sent, which means you can control your costing more easily and know exactly what to expect when planning your budget.

In addition, you can monitor the response and classify the recipients based on location, age or any other information you have about them to create more customized and targeted campaigns.

3. SMS is Much Friendlier

In Malaysia, most companies are sending SMS to their customers to grow their business.

Although e-mail is one of the most important means of communication today, it is often not personalized. SMS, on the other hand, is a more friendly communication method.

In most cases, we will receive text messages from friends, family members, or people we think are important enough to know our phone number. 

In this regard, property agents can customize their SMS according to the behaviour of the client.

For example, send out MMS content (photos) to showcase a few properties to a client. A picture speaks a thousand words. Beautiful photos can attract potential property buyers to schedule a viewing.

Send video walkthroughs and photos using MMS. You can even customize the message to include any info you want, but we recommend treating it as a bite-size listing. Here are just a few items you can include: 

  • Address
  • Images of the property 
  • Profile
  • Size 
  • Price 
  • Your contact info 
  • Shortened link to Google Map
  • Shortened link to your website

4. Secured Information using Bulk SMS in the Real Estate Industry

We all receive a lot of emails every day, which makes it easier for us to get lost in the newsletter. In addition to this, the spam filter may not always work properly.

Some important emails can end up in the spam folder. With SMS, messages are rarely lost, and property agent can ensure that important information reaches the client as soon as possible. 

Buying a property is a big decision. Understandably, your leads may need some time to think over before deciding or scheduling a viewing. As SMS is encrypted, clients can feel more confident with the SMS content. 

For more information about spam filter solution, check on Exabytes SpamExperts – Anti-Spam Solution to help filter virus and malware.

5. Set Alerts and Reminders 

Last but not least, you can arrange to send text messages to clients to remind them of important appointments.

For example, if you have an appointment with a client to view a house and want to remind him before the appointment, you can always arrange for SMS to be sent on the appointment day, or a few hours before the appointment starts.

It makes your job easier because you do not have to constantly check and remind your potential clients about appointments.

You can sync the automatic SMS service to your online calendar and arrange for it to send automatic messages when the meeting is near. This way, you will have more time to prepare for viewing instead of focusing on tedious small tasks.

In Exabytes, we provide Bulk SMS marketing service that is reliable, low cost, and we can help you deliver bulk text messages worldwide.

Please feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff at [email protected]

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