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zerobytes to exabytes book

Since the launch of “From Zerobyte to Exabytes“, the success story of Exabytes has received very encouraging feedback. The book has many times been placed at the “Recommended Section” at MPH bookstores as well as on the shelves of “Popular’s Choice” at Popular Bookstores around Malaysia.

zerobyte to exabytes book

We at Exabytes are thrilled by the exciting comments offered by our numerous readers; one of them even recorded his opinions about the book in a video and uploaded it onto Youtube! Check them out!

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“From Zerobyte to Exabytes” is different from any conventional business books or biographies you have read. The whole story is narrated in a fun conversational way coupled with the interesting computer drawings you can see HERE.



Born to a hawker family, the self-taught entrepreneur, Mr. Chan Kee Siak worked as a child helper at his parents’ hawker store and founded Exabytes at the tender age of 19 after dropping out of college to concentrate on his 100% website business.



  • Nothing is Impossible
  • Guts & vision are what you need to be successful in business
  • Creativity in business will set you apart from the rest
  • Find out more HERE

On “HOW”

  • The BEST MARKETING TOOL in the world of Online Business
  • Business Branding – it’s FREE
  • What is “failure” and how it should be treated in business
  • How to set business target?
  • Find out more HERE

Exa book - recommended section

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You can now purchase this book online! Autographed copies are available via Exabytes Online Store ONLY!



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