A Fresh New Look of Exabytes HQ at Penang Suntech


Time flies, it’s now the final month of 2014.  2014 has been a good year, hasn’t it?

For 2015, Exabytes has greater goals to achieve more!  Firstly, the renovation that is now ongoing at Exabytes HQ in Penang!

We are delighted that our main lobby will be greatly expanded to be able to accommodate more than 60 pax.  Oh yea, a stage with a projector will be set up too!


In other words, more workshops are coming soon!  In 2015, we have the vision to spread the knowledge to those of you out there who wish to learn more about web applications, E-Commerce, web design and many more.  So remember to stay tuned with us for more!  Learn and have fun together!


Other than that, our pantry, dining room and fun room will also undergo renovation so that the Exabees will have larger space to unwind, recharge and have a good time! Here are the pictures of the design.


Bigger space for pantry; Exabees, feel free to store your food here! XD


A place for Exabees to chill, mingle and recharge.


The spacious fun room.



So what do you think about the fresh look? We Exabees are definitely feeling excited and looking forward to the new office!


For more updates, remember to stay tuned with us!

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