How Acronis Protection Solution Maximizes Enterprises Cyber Security


Acronis Protection Solution Maximizes Enterprises Cyber Security

Businesses of all sizes are extremely concerned about cyberattacks and look for continuous data protection. The demand for strong and complete cybersecurity solutions like Acronis Protection has grown as businesses continue to shift more of their activities online.

Compared to other APAC nations, Malaysia has seen 76% more cyberattacks. The claimed consequences, with data loss occurring in 57% of occurrences, support Malaysian firms’ worry.

One such product that might support businesses in maximizing their cybersecurity efforts is Acronis Protection Solution.

Through the provision of a range of capabilities intended to prevent, detect, and react to cyberattacks, Acronis Cyber Protection has established itself as a top choice for companies looking to safeguard their data and infrastructure.

How Does One Create a Cybersecurity Plan That Works?

Firewall cybersecurity technology

No matter how big or small a company is, it should have a cybersecurity policy in place since attacks can happen no matter how well-prepared a company is.

Creating a cybersecurity plan for continuous data protection that works requires a comprehensive and structured approach that addresses the unique needs and risks of the organization.

Here are some general steps to follow:

1# Analyze the many cyber hazards that affect the company.

Making an internal evaluation of the cyber threats the company is now facing is the first step in developing an effective cybersecurity plan.

This covers both internal and external dangers, such as ransomware, malware, and phishing scams. Getting Acronis protection with Acronis backup will help prevent cyber hazards.

2# Determine the maturity of your cybersecurity.

The next step is to assess the cybersecurity maturity level. To do this, one should adhere to the NIST framework.

To help with this effort, Acronis Protection has created a security assessment questionnaire based on the NIST standard. This quiz, which includes 50 questions, solutions, and advice, can be used as a sort of cheat sheet.

Acronis offers both a full evaluation questionnaire and a full assessment questionnaire with answers to aid in using the instrument.

3# Determine the places of weakness that hackers can use to access your important company information.

The gaps in protection can then be found when the Acronis Protection examination is finished. This involves assessing the software and techniques one presently employs to defend the company from cyberattacks.

One must be sure to employ cybersecurity software that can stop and identify cyberattacks, assist in responding to and recovering from assaults, and offer the forensics required to reduce potential threats in the future.

4# Complete and record the plan.

Once management has approved the assessment, the strategy must be documented with continuous data protection, risk assessments, plans, rules, and procedures, right down to who is in charge of what and when.

The plan must be supported and understood by every employee in the company.

A reaction strategy must be part of the strategy. It is certain that the firm will experience an assault at some point in the future, regardless of the security measures one takes to protect the systems and data with Acronis backup.

The firm will quickly resume operations thanks to this reaction and crisis management strategy.

5# Maintain a training program for your staff and IT team.

Making sure that all employees receive ongoing training on the various cyberthreats they may encounter so they are aware of what to do and what not to do is a crucial component of any good cybersecurity plan.

The specialists in cybersecurity will also require ongoing technical training to stay abreast of the numerous and advanced dangers of the present day.

How Acronis Protection Solution Can Help Users Protect Their Company From Modern Cyberthreats.

Acronis Backup Solution

Data is an essential component of daily operations, not just another resource. Businesses are protected by Acronis protection solutions from data loss, security breaches, operational outages, and the resulting financial and reputational damage by applying Acronis backup solutions.

1# Superior cyber protection

Simple data backup and cybersecurity techniques are no longer adequate to protect against the rapidly increasing cyberthreats.

To secure the integrity of the data and systems one depends on, Acronis protection solutions integrate cybersecurity, data backup, server backup, disaster recovery, and more.

2# Minimise complexity

Businesses often employ a complicated patchwork of defenses to stave off data theft and other cyberthreats, but this strategy is difficult to administer and creates security holes.

Through resource liberation and the ability to concentrate on protection and enablement rather than juggling tools, Acronis protection solutions defend whole workloads with more efficiency and a fraction of the complexity.

3# Simplify management and deployment

Prevent friction by protecting entire workloads. Starting to use Acronis protection products is easy and painless.

Only just one click, you can quickly provision many computers, and you can control everything from Acronis backup procedures to vulnerability scans and patching from one interface.

4# Defend against any danger

Previously unknown cyberthreats may be easily found and stopped. Acronis’ AI-driven behavioral heuristic engine delivers best-in-class protection by recognizing the risky processes on which malware relies.

Acronis Protection has shown a 100% detection rate with no false positives in independent testing conducted by industry leaders, including AV-TEST and Virus Bulletin.

5# Acronis protection can shield the company from online threats and data loss.

Best-of-breed backup, cutting-edge anti-malware, and endpoint security management are all combined into one solution by Acronis Protection, which offers unparalleled safety while boosting productivity and lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).

The simplicity and hazards associated with non-integrated solutions are eliminated by the solution’s one agent, single administration interface, and single licensing.

When acronis backup and data security are combined, dependability is increased and the time needed to learn, implement, and maintain solutions is reduced.


Acronis Protection provides a comprehensive defense against online dangers. Businesses may improve their security posture, lower their risk of cyberattacks, and guarantee the availability and integrity of their vital data and infrastructure by deploying Acronis solutions.

If you are seeking a full data security and backup solution against modern cyber threats, Exabytes can assist you with Acronis Cyber Protect.

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