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don't be a victim of ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are one of the significant cyber threats facing global businesses. Among the distinct kind of cyber security threats taking place on daily basis, ransomware have become more common.

Some of the research studies on Ransomware highlight how businesses lose millions of dollars in the case of a ransomware attack.

The impact of ransomware is multi-fold for businesses. In addition to the ransom money being paid to the hackers, when the issue is reported about ransomware attacks, the reputation of the business is hit, and the challenges of business continuity are high till the time ransomware removal has taken place.

Technically, ransomware are a kind of malware attack wherein the hackers take possession of the vulnerable or target systems network, encrypt the data and sensitive information, lock the system for access even by authorized users, and demand payment to decrypt or unlock.

In this kind of attack, ransomware removal is not an easier process, and the impact can be on any device wherein the ransomware can happen.

Ransomware attacks could be launched on wearable, desktop PCs, laptops, on-premises servers, cloud applications, Point-of-Sale solutions, and many others, which are prone to ransomware if the devices are not protected securely by competent solutions like Acronis protection and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.

How does Ransomware Happen?

ransomware cyber threats

When a device gets exposed to malicious codes, it becomes a gateway for hackers to execute ransomware attacks.

The ransomware posts its intrusion into the system’s network could be managed in dormant mode by the hackers to observe for a vulnerable scenario in the system’s network.

Once the vulnerable condition is observed, the devices are targeted in the ransomware attack.

Also, ransomware are a kind of organized and systematic approach, wherein the hackers aim about ransomware removal being a complex task.

In general, the seven-stage classification of ransomware attacks are

  1. Infection
  2. Execution
  3. Encryption
  4. User Notification
  5. Cleanup
  6. Payment
  7. Decryption

When the above-mentioned stages are generic, some of the ransomware attacks might use alternatives too and despite all, it wherein the business agrees to pay the ransom, the ransomware removal from the infected systems is not affirmed.

Thus, to avoid this kind of catastrophic condition, one of the effective practices for businesses is to aim at cyber protection solutions like Acronis protection.

How Acronis Protection Prevents Ransomware Attacks

Some of the comprehensive practices integral to managing ransomware prevention, which are significant features of Acronis protection are:

1. Endpoint Protection 

Among the sources for ransomware attacks, social engineering practices target the endpoints like user-level systems, etc.

Acronis protection supports managing the defense of systems against any kind of ransomware attack.

Antivirus systems screening the endpoints religiously on a real-time basis is critical for the identification of any suspicious attempts.

Acronis Cyber Protection Solution has a robust system in place for antivirus factors assessment.

This antivirus solutions can detect the latest library of virus infusions too, which can help in the prevention of ransomware like the WannaCry or Zero-day kind of malware attacks too.

Another important element of the system is how the endpoint detection and response capabilities are designed in Acronis protection for preventing ransomware attacks.

The structure of this endpoint detection and response systems can support in early identification of the block attacks that could lead to ransomware attacks.

2. Data Backup 

cloud storage backup

One of the critical issues that lead to challenges in managing ransomware attacks is the lack of data backup.

For instance, when the systems have an absolute backup of all applications, data from the systems is integral to the process, even in the case of ransomware attacks, the systems can be rebooted to bare configuration for ransomware removal.

More often businesses are in a catch for ransomware, as they do not have an appropriate kind of data backup systems.

It is advocated that businesses follow version control backup, and multi-environment backup options, wherein at least one source of such backup is not always connected to the internet.

The Acronis protection backup systems are phenomenal, and they can help businesses in securing their data backup in more effective ways.

3. System Protection Tools Update

Among the prime reasons for the systems being vulnerable to ransomware attacks, the devices not having a proper patch or update essential for the prevention of any kind of malware or other virus infusions.

Businesses must ensure every device in the internal system’s network has regular updates of system files, and all the screening and scanning applications used for monitoring and controls.

However, if the systems are ignored such updates the threat of ransomware kind of conditions is highly possible.

Imagine a server infrastructure having multiple ranges of security control solutions guarding the server network and its systems.

Regular patches to multiple systems, and their updates, can be an excessive load on the performance of the system.

In the case of Acronis protection, one system is capable of monitoring and controlling for multiple levels of screening, scanning, and defending any kind of intrusions.

Also, the patches to Acronis Security Solution in an auto-update mode can be very helpful in the prevention of ransomware attacks.

The other important element integral to the Acronis protection of the system’s network from ransomware attacks is the scope of application whitelisting & controls.

In this feature, the systems are scanned for applications being installed, and towards identifying the trust element of such applications.

Browser security settings enhancement, and controlling the plugins used in the word processor and web browsers are important parts of the Acronis protection from any kind of ransomware attack malware intrusions.

4. Email Scans

Very often, email scans are an important element one must focus on for managing ransomware attack prevention.

Acronis protection has the scope for scanning the emails for any phishing or other kind of attack or suspicious emails emerging from the system and preventing them from infecting the computers.

This can be a helpful solution for avoiding any kind of ransomware attacks taking place on the system’s network.

Acronis protection has more significant systems in place and works as a unified system to prevent ransomware attacks, and in the case of any breach too, ransomware removal solutions are significant with Acronis protection.

To know more about Acronis protection, reach out to Exabytes Malaysia

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