How Does Cyber Protection Solutions Work for Enterprise Security


cyber protection solution work for enterprise

Cyber protection solutions and services have become an integral need for businesses to focus on their enterprise security features.

With an increasing number of reports on security breaches, businesses irrespective of their business operational size must focus on improving their enterprise security features.

A few months ago, Malaysia revealed an alleged data leak where the personal information of 22.5 million Malaysians was hacked and made its way to the dark web.

A recent study by Surfshark also placed Malaysia as the eleventh most breached country in Q2 of this year. It also cited 665,200 Malaysians who were breached from April to June 2022.

There is a need for organizations to focus on cyber protection solutions that are holistic and ones that can support ease of monitoring and securing the information systems as enterprise security.

Technically cyber protection solutions are tools and services enabling enterprise security for systems against any kind of cyber-attacks.

Any lapse in the cyber security services could result in application downtime conditions, sensitive data breaches, user credentials and personal information being compromised, violation of compliance practices, and many such adverse consequences.

New age cyber security solutions are effective to defend against many kinds of security breach conditions leading to enterprise security challenges.

Alongside the increasing variety of cyber operations in information systems, there is a broad category of cyber protect solutions available for securing the systems for enterprise security.

Some of the cyber security services and solutions are

  • Application security solutions
  • Endpoint security
  • Network Security
  • IoT (internet of things) Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud backup systems

Enterprise security solutions are a framework combination of tools, techniques, and processes combined to enforce cyber security services and solutions to protect organizational information systems.

The objective of enterprise security management is to manage better controls over the distributed and complex cybersecurity environment, leverage cyber protection solutions for preventing any intrusions into the system, information leakage prevention, and have sustainable ways of improving information security.

Cyber security help protect the data at rest and data in transmission. This solutions for data always and in all phases of data management are a critical function in enterprise cybersecurity.

The bullet point list mentioned above is the kind of cyber protection solutions that can help in preventing cyber attacks challenges and managing enterprise security.

However, the following are some of the keyways in which the above-mentioned cyber protection solutions perform their role.

1. User Access Monitoring and Prevention of Unauthorized access 

In enterprise security, one of the key challenges leading to major cybersecurity challenges is social engineering.

Cybersecurity problem

In social engineering, hackers rely on some tactics to befriend users and try some disguising techniques for capturing user credentials.

Post the collection of user credentials the efforts are to gain unauthorized access to information systems.

To prevent this kind of security challenge, cyber protection solutions can be resourceful in detecting any unauthorized access of information, unusual patterns in data access, or towards implementing practices like two-factor authentication.

There are multiple kinds of application layer security practices like intrusion detection, anomaly detection, prevention of phishing attacks, malware intrusion detection, and mitigating risks of malware attacks as part of the cyber protection solutions.

While there are some comprehensive solutions available as cyber security services and solutions, it is important that the solutions are being effectively used for improving the overall process of enterprise security.

2. Ransomware Attacks 

Ransomware attacks are some of the popular cybersecurity issues and there is a need for enterprise security systems to focus on the risks of this cyber threats.

Thus, the combination of cyber security solutions as discussed above, when used for enterprise cybersecurity can mitigate the risks of ransomware attacks.

In ransomware attacks, hackers can target enterprise systems in multiple ways.

Right from jamming the network, to encrypting the information systems to DDoS attacks, there are distinct ways in which the hackers can pose threat.

The cyber security services and solutions which are effective for comprehensive countering of solutions must be used for securing from ransomware attacks and for better kind of enterprise cybersecurity practices.

3. Botnet Attacks

The other popular condition impacting the services the botnet attacks, wherein the enterprise security is targeted for vulnerability in the systems.

Botnet attacks are hackers taking control of many individual systems or networks and targeting the enterprise servers of the companies with unusual traffic.

This kind of breach shall lead to systems becoming unresponsive to genuine user requests, and the systems suffer interruption.

There is a distinct set of cyber protection solutions focused on the prevention of botnet attacks and network security challenges and using such services can improve the overall process of enterprise cybersecurity.

4. Network Vulnerability

The other major challenge integral to the process is the network vulnerability conditions. If the internet connections are used or the network is not properly secured, the scope of breach into the network security is high.

It could lead to data package corruptions in transmission, attempts to breach encryption, reroute the data transmission, etc.

Some of the modern cyber security services are capable of early-stage detection for such challenges and can mitigate the risks at many early stages to manage enterprise cybersecurity.

The tools shall help in terms of complete encryption, and usage of the virtual private network for information systems correspondence, which increases the enterprise security to great extent.

5. Disaster Recovery and Planning

Globally, businesses rely on one or the other kind of cyber security services such as Kaspersky and Aegis Disaster Recovery Services for managing enterprise cyber risk.

Despite that, one keeps hearing reports on the breach from many large-scale organizations too.

Thus, while the prevention in enterprise cyberattacks remains the objective, the purpose of planning disaster recovery is also important.

Thus, focusing on cyber security solutions like the Acronis cyber protect can be helpful for enterprise cyber risk in terms of planning the prevention, and having effective cloud data backup solutions.

Targeting the incremental backup, and managed service offerings for enterprise cybersecurity is a highly resourceful part of cyber protection solutions.

To know more about enterprise cybersecurity management at Exabytes Malaysia, and to subscribe to Acronis Cyber Protect, reach out to the our team for more information.

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