Exabytes Enterprise Private Cloud Solution

No resource sharing. Fully yours in a single-tenant environment with your own security rules.

  • Dedicated data storage with huge capacity without any concern of infra sharing.
  • Secured storage for sensitive data to gain better control over privacy.
  • Segment your own network security perimeter and policy.

Private Cloud is excellent for protection of sensitive data and information

A private cloud is an enterprise cloud server that is exclusively dedicated to the requirements and goals of a single-tenant, organization or entity. With private cloud hosting, companies need not share the resources, but to use and manage them with flexible and customized requirements.

Private Cloud

Private cloud meets the needs of the business

Private cloud has higher level of service availability and better uptime. This is prominently for mission-critical workloads which necessitates high availability.


Hosting a mission-critical workload in the public cloud is too risky and unsecured

Private cloud is highly suited for sensitive data, such as financial data or data relating to trade secrets. Security is important not just of the cloud, but also in the cloud.

private cloud

Private cloud better meets compliance and regulatory standards

Private cloud strongly meets regulatory governance, legal compliance and audit framework, especially with the mandatory isolation of resources and workload of the organization from those of other firms.


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    Advantages and Benefits of Private Cloud


    More than 80% of survey respondents agree that agility is linked to improving corporate revenue, cost and risk profiles, with 66% identifying business agility as a priority, according to an independent market-research firm.

    With private cloud :

    • Gain agility for faster speed-to-market, to create a workload quickly and easily using a dashboard.
    • Customize or use pre-configured networking settings plus security access groups.


    Self-service infrastructure provisioning has delivered 80% of new servers inside a private cloud server in less than 3 hours, and most within 45 minutes through extensive automation.

    Private cloud :

    • Increase of productivity and control across the data center, and reduce operational effort & cost via automation of daily operations.
    • Automate the computing platform which enables companies to meet unpredictable and transient workloads, and to avoid needless overprovisioning.


    24% of organizations have hosts missing high-severity patches in public cloud and 80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials, reflecting high vulnerabilities, as business cloud security statistics have indicated.

    With private cloud :

    • Enhanced security of private cloud with dedicated, physically isolated network, compute and storage components.
    • Advanced security features, such as security groups and network access control lists, for inbound and outbound filtering; access restriction to data that is only reachable from instances internally; and dedicated instances that are physically isolated from others at the hardware level.


    53% of surveyed individuals reported that they found the system to be more cost effective than public cloud, when they discussed the benefits of private cloud server.

    With private cloud :

    • Reduce capital outlay for infrastructure investments and leverage the benefits of our economies of scale, best practices, and automation.
    • Transform, and manage with our end-to-end services, with high availability level through our service-level agreement.
    • Implement charge-back policies to track computing usage of each business units, that will only need to pay for the resources they consume.


    There are 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues, according to a B2B research firm.

    With private cloud :

    • Customize dedicated compute, storage and networking components to align to the organization and business, since not all cloud environment are the same.
    • Increased capability for customization, from networking environment, to web servers that has access to the internet, but databases or application servers that do not have internet access.

    Control & Governance

    84% of cloud governance among enterprises in 2019 (vs. 77% in 2018) are growing challenges, as shown by statistics.

    With private cloud :

    • Suitable businesses with dynamic or unpredictable computing needs that require direct control over their environments, such as compliance for cybersecurity, business governance or regulatory policies.
    • Gains most of the same benefits of a public cloud if it is well-architected and implemented, but with more control since the resources are private and dedicated to the same organization.

    Use Cases

    Use private cloud to implement secured connectivity

    • Implement a secured network connection which encrypts all communication between web servers, applications and databases that reside in the data center and the cloud.
    • Scalability to spin up or down workloads.
    • Address workloads and data that demand security requirements, such as multi-tier web servers, applications and databases that needs access restrictions.

    Use private cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery

    • Achieve business continuity via disaster recovery in case something happens to the infrastructure, at a cheaper cost.
    • Plan and implement backups of critical data, restore virtual machine images, and launch replacement compute resources promptly.
    • Restore the productive environment after the unfortunate event is over, with minimal impact.

    Use private cloud for data sovereignty and compliance regulations

    • Resolve data sovereignty which has become a requirement for businesses as they move to the cloud.
    • Ensure certain data, such as financial records, private data and privileged information; that is subjected to the country’s laws, to be stored within certain jurisdictions, by using dedicated and isolated environment within the private cloud.

    Use private cloud for screening and monitoring

    • More flexibility and control on how to deploy and mirror workloads and resources.
    • Monitor them for analysis, including traffic and performance.
    • Provides options and help make better decisions on how to optimize and secure cloud resources.

    Use private cloud for corporate network extension

    • IT team could quickly and easily extend and consolidate corporate applications in data centers by moving them to the cloud safely, add more web servers, or increase compute capacity.
    • Seamlessly migrate the resources to and from the cloud, without impacting user access to them, by having private cloud as part of the corporate network.

    Use private cloud for special IT requirements

    • Use dedicated resources to meet certain specific requirements such as mission-critical business applications which cannot afford downtime, applications that require high performance that Is crucial to the business, or even IT-as-a-service in a secured landscape.
    • For transient situation including staging and development environments as well as application development.
    • Host a simple and public-facing web application, such as a customer information portal or landing page, that comes with extra layers of privacy and security, to protect it from malicious hackers, who may harm the corporate reputation.

    Exabytes Private Cloud Server Malaysia : under the hood

    Exabytes Enterprise Private Cloud provides organizations with security, control and performance, which are top priorities, given the competitive business climate.


    • Best practices and strategies for cloud hosting and private cloud solutions, including investment in enterprise cloud infrastructure.
    • Advise on private cloud deployment, with fact-based, assessments and realistic options to deliver rapid business value and technology innovation.
    • Certified enterprise-grade & purpose-built private cloud data centers.


    • Workload optimization, utility computing model, and quick deployment of cloud services.
    • Automatic and seamless improvements to the latest cloud technology.

    Leading partner cloud stacks

    • Flexibility of integrated software stacks from esteemed partners, VMWare, Veeam and Acronis for our cloud business infrastructure.
    • Partnership with established companies such as CloudFlare, Sucuri, Sectigo, GeoTrust, Symantec, Imunify360 and Akamai.to provide end-to-end private cloud offerings.
    • Cloud stacks that have been set up to automate IT operations and provide integration with these diverse private cloud partner ecosystem.

    Security & Backup

    • Secure single-tenant environment with firewalls, load balancers, and a dedicated vCenter to safeguard the data, with VMware Backups powered by Acronis.
    • Security standards that exceed compliance standards for GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO for enhanced security and compliance.
    • Disaster recovery solutions from regional recovery centers across Asia Pacific countries with low Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

    Performance, low latency, high availability and resiliency

    • Compute nodes and cloud data centers that are built on premium dedicated hardware, combined with ultra-fast SAN storage (for the best private cloud storage).
    • Accommodate high-end applications with ideal SLA uptime required by mission-critical workloads.
    • Active/active cloud sites are resilient and deliver the required reliability and performance.

    Data sovereignty and data privacy

    • Choices of established cloud reference architecture that allows implementation of run in-country applications for data sovereignty and data privacy.
    • Ideal choice to meet regulatory compliance of such nature, via our security and best practices.
    • Guarded facility with secured access and logging, intrusion detection and alarm system, to meet requirements of audit and legal frameworks, because out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind.

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