15 Best Blogging Platforms to Create a Blog for Free (Update 2024)


Blogging platforms to create blogs

Blogging is one of the most active and eventful aspects happening over the internet.

While the purpose and intent of creating blogging can be different among the users, one common factor having critical importance across the teams is the selection of free blog sites, and how to create a good blog for free using limited resources.

There are different free blog sites available in the public domain, wherein few of them are popular personal blog sites while the others are predominantly useful for the professional bloggers developing a series of networking around the blog and intending the viewership to the posted blog content on the free blog sites.

Following are some of the free blog sites that can be resourceful for bloggers to develop professional-looking free blog sites with necessary features to support effective management of the blog. 

1. WordPress

Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and used sites by bloggers and is recommended by web designers globally for free blog site creation, due to its flexibility and features in the offering. 

An estimated about 76 million blogs are powered by WordPress hosting, the question of how to create a blog for free has the potential answer in the form of WordPress hosting.

The self-hosting solutions available in WordPress are proficient and empower free blog sites well.

2. Site 123

site123 blogging website

It is another resourceful set-up empowering creation of free blog sites and for availing of premium service offerings, bloggers can make use of premium plans from the system. 

For new users, Site 123 is a very resourceful free blog sites, wherein a reasonable number of modern website templates are accessible.

Creating a free blog sites in Site 123 can take place for users without any technical knowledge too.

3. Ghost 

Ghost blogging website

Known as an open-source platform for advanced level blogging, this free blog site empowers the blog sites effectively like WordPress hosting.

There is complete control on the site for the bloggers thinking about how to create a blog for free and have proper control over it.

Split-Screen and multiple-user features are advanced offerings in Ghost

4. Medium 


A unique feature offered by Medium is the scope for the free blog site to join a community sharing blogs related to a genre.

In joining the community, bloggers can read other blogs towards having a deeper understanding of the topic. Unlike WordPress hosting, this feature can be certainly a value addition for first-time bloggers. 

Challenges with Medium free blog sites are about hardly any scope of customization and monetization. Thus, this blog site is more of a popular personal blog site.

5. Wix


Wix is another user-friendly solution for free blog sites. Scope for customization to a limited extent available is another value addition in Wix.

For business bloggers, this is a potential platform to start free blog sites with effective and user-friendly features both for professional and popular personal blog sites.

6. Blogger 

Google-owned Blogger is among the popular free blog sites available for users. Its user-friendly set-up and simple blogging structure help beginners to plan to write their blog content and share thoughts on the public domain. 

A significant number of the popular personal blog sites are powered by Blogger.

For professional blogging purposes, the scope of customization is limited, unlike WordPress hosting.

Monetizing the free blog sites using AdSense is a promising solution in Blogger.

7. Tumblr

A late entrant into the free blog site service, Tumblr has unique features offering quality service to free blog sites.

Scope for short little blogs and animated GIFs is a supportive feature in free blog sites offered by Tumblr.

Also, for the blogs focusing more on the image-centric or photography-centric blog works, Tumblr can be a professional and popular personal blog site to choose. 

8. Weebly 

Weebly is a perfect starting point for free blog site requirements for new bloggers.

Drag and drop elements in Weebly help more effective ways how to create a blog for free.

Writing and presentation can be the focus of users, while coding aspects are automated in the background. Even for professional free blog sites, Weebly is a promising solution.

9. Squarespace

To create a popular free blog post on a modern and appealing platform, Squarespace is the solution

Even though Squarespace allows creation of free blogs, its customization features are resourceful in choosing the templates that suit the genre and style of blogging.

Cover Pages stand as a unique feature in Squarespace which is not available on WordPress hosting.

10. Penzu

Known as a popular personal blog site, Penzu can be highly resourceful for free blog site users to have online journal writing and has certain additional features like email reminders for publishing the posts and is more private by default and can be made public too. 



For bloggers inspired to create free blog sites based on innovation and creativeness, this platform offers a potential solution.

Ideas and thought maps from the dashboard are a potential tool working as a value proposition.

The SVBTLE text editor has features in its system function which are similar and effective like WordPress hosting.

12. LinkedIn 

Known as a popular professional networking platform, it supports writing its blog posts in the form of articles and posts. 

Though the interface is not as fluid as WordPress hosting, control of the blogs, and growing it for revenue proposition is possible with LinkedIn.

With millions of user base, and access ready to an audience, LinkedIn free blog sites are a promising solution. 

Joomla, strikingly, and Jimdo are the other three popular free blog sites that can be resourceful for users thinking about how to create a blog for free.

Some of the features offered among these free blog sites are common and they can be useful for bloggers to maintain professional blogs.

Reach out to professional support from the Exabytes Malaysia team to assist you in choosing the right and free blog sites, for hosting your professional or popular personal blog sites.

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these are some of the best free blogger websites. I remember when I started my free blogging account it was fun.

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